Friday, August 03, 2012

The CPC: If They Didn't Suppress The Vote...

...Why Do They Want To Suppress The Evidence?

The latest, on attempts by Conservative Party of Canada lawyers trying to keep new evidence gathered by Elections Canada out of the courtroom, comes from Glen McGregor of the OCitizen.

Here is his lede:

OTTAWA — A lawyer representing the Conservative Party says Elections Canada should not be allowed to hand over new evidence in legal action that seeks to overturn the results of the last year’s federal election in seven ridings.

Arthur Hamilton says in a letter to opposing counsel that the applicants have missed the deadline for submitting new evidence in the series of challenges in Federal Court and warned that allowing in “incremental material” could further delay the cases.

In litigation backed by the Council of Canadians, the applicants contend that pre-recorded “robocalls” and live calls to voters affected the outcome in the ridings, which were all won by Conservatives...


As in, perhaps, an incremental 'increase' in the number of targeted voters who received phonecalls, robo or real, that were designed to misdirect them?


But never mind all that.


Isn't evidence evidence regardless the qualifier the CPC's man in court, Mr. Hamilton, attaches to it?


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