Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Story #5...Rakoff And Reid Are All You Need


I wrote about master wordsmiths David Rakoff and Ian Reid of Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Palm Springs and the Whole Wide World, with or without sports, a couple of months ago.

And since then a lot has changed.

So much so that I decided the time had come to let their words speak for themselves (mostly)...

There are a lot of tributes to Mr. Rakoff out and about right now, and almost all of them are moving. As you might expect, I have a few specific recommendations for anybody who's interested.

Firstly, there is an entire show devoted to his stuff on 'This American Life' that will be on CBC Radio One tonight/Sunday at 11pm, and whose pod will come up, here, tomorrow.

And fellow Canadian (yes!, 'fellow' Canadian) Jonathan Goldstein has a written real word-on-the-page tribute to the real Mr. Rakoff, here, and devoted an entire show to him on CBC Radio One's 'Wiretap' this week whose pod can be linked to here.

As for Mr. Reid, you can find all his stuff here. Two of my favorite posts are about the treadmill, which started all this, and the post-imatinib post that brought me back to it.

Mr. Rakoff's dance I mean...

Oh....And perhaps this is as good a time as ever to tell you that my real thing, not this slightly obsessive wordsmith extraction thing, is trying to develop new biologics...OK?
With apologies to Eleanor G. for getting this up just a wee bit late this morning...



Beijing York said...

This was a very touching post, Ross.

I didn't know about Ian Reid or his blog - the treadmill entry was so beautiful and bittersweet. I also noted a touching moment in the About comments from your late friend, BC Mary. She noted how after voting, an official asked her how she was and when she responded not good/breast cancer, that woman gave her a strong hug and said, "me too!".

I was so saddened to hear about David Rakoff. I had read his essay about the collar bone sarcoma and the potential arm/shoulder amputation. I first heard of him on "Wiretap" and caught yesterday's tribute (drunk job interview, ice cream truck and the dark but brilliant Gregor Samsa and Dr. Seus). But wow, this piece about dancing one more time was so amazing. What a tremendous loss.

RossK said...

A tremendous loss, indeed BY.

And Mary, too.