Monday, August 27, 2012

My Morning Ride.


Actually, the image above was from Saturday morning's ride.

Because, with no one around at home, the Wackadoodle and I went for a ride down to Trout Lake for a little ball tossing and strumming in the sun.

Little did we know....

The Farmers' Market was back up and running and the Reading Festival was happening too.

Which was fun and interesting, but it was not quite the East End pastoral we were looking for.


The bike trailer Rosie the wackadoodlier one is riding in these days was once used to haul the then still Tiny E. to and from kindergarten.

Then, after that, it was used to haul even tinier e. to and from daycare.

Now it is pretty tired, and a little worn out, but it is still good enough for a guitar, and a dog, and an old guy to pull it.

More than enough.


There was no bike ride early yesterday morning.

Instead, we took the former Tiny, now Bigger, E. out to Sea Island and put her, her two massive suitcases, and her ukulele, into a very shiny, cigar tube-shaped people carrier.

So she could head off to school in Montreal.


Except this year she is not staying in the campus rumpus room/hotel.

Should be interesting.

Meanwhile, Merv Adey still has not heard either a confirmation or a denial from the CBC or the BC Liberals about whether (or not) backroom pressure contributed to the MoCo's dumping of Rafe Mair.



West End Bob said...

Ahhh, Rosie the whackadoodle looks pretty comfy there, RossK!

Bet there was a tear or two shed at the departure of the shiny, cigar-tubed-shaped people carrier, huh ? ? ? ?

lenin's ghost said...

It is sad for you see her go, I be guessing.......but on the bright side, Montreal is a lot for fun, even for an old guy like me, than Van could ever be.........and so much fun for one of the bigger E's age. Try to spend some time there if you can.......the people have so life and passion!

Scotty on Denman said...

Ross K:

Do you mind if I ask what your guitar is made of? Can't tell by the photo if it might be mahogany.

While I'm at it, does your dog play guitar? I used to have a hound who could hold his own on a open-tuned gitbox ( with his tail ...he loved it.)

One of the nicest guitars I ever played was an all-mahogany Gibson, three-quater size body (full-sized neck,) called a "Junior" or something like that. Never seen one like it since.

RossK said...


It's weird, Rosie actually likes the bike trailer - she likes to lean forward like she's the prow of a ship, nose in the wind.

No real tears this time...E. was so happy to be heading off this time that it was hard not to be excited for her...She landed at Dorval at 5:30....Took a taxi to her new place in the Plateau, a flat shared with friends...Got a free dinner at a nearby restaurant thanks to one of the kids she lives with who works there....And then...was Busking down in the Sherbrooke Metro station an hour later...Hard knock life, I'd say.


Re: the life and passion....see above (I agree with you)


Oh man, that's a great story, and I'd love to find a small bodied box like that...As to the old one in the bike trailer...That's the busking/beach guitar...Actually my wife C's....Was her first real guitar that she bought in, I think, 1979...If only it were Mahogany...It's actually plywood topped but has weathered nicely (except for the places where I've dropped it)...My real acoustic is a Takamine.


Eleanor Gregory said...

Regarding dogs playing guitars, I would think it somewhat difficult for a poodle to strum a guitar without considerable human intervention inasmuch as poodles' cropped tails stand upright.

RossK said...

There you go again Eleanor...

Allowing those pesky facts to get in the way of a good (potential) story.

Then again, who says a highly dexterous wackadoodle like mine would use her tail?

West End Bob said...

Having met Rosie the Wackadoole I can personally vouch for her dexterousness, Eleanor . . . .

RossK said...

Bob's right.

In fact, it is a little known, but highly regarded, family secret that she can tie a mean Windsor knot with her ears.


Eleanor Gregory said...

I'm sure that even if Rosie the Wackadoodle couldn't strum the guitar herself, she would let her attendant human know precisely what she wanted the human to play on the guitar.

RossK said...'s funny...As long as we're walking she doesn't care what I play...But as soon as I sit down she gets her snout up on the neck of the box...Maybe she wants more Jason Isbell and less Tweedy?....Or could it be that she wants me to stop playing and get walking/throwing more sticks?