Thursday, August 02, 2012

"I Started Busking At 13, 14 Years Of Age...

...On The Advice Of My Teacher".

Say what?

The part about how he figured out how to throw his voice in the street while, essentially, begging without ego is really something.

It's something you can see, even now, at least once, everytime you go and see him now.

And, of course, it is the real heart of the movie.

From the YouTube site of the most interesting 'Busking Project'.



Don F. said...

Cool interview!

RossK said...


The thing that really flummoxes me about Hansard is that he is one of the few people I've ever come across who is a complete auto-didact that is a knowledgable, open-minded, self-critical and discerning.

It's a tremendous combination and must be a helluva lot of work...I mean that part at the end about Homer and barding....From a guy who left school when he was in his early teens?...It's really amazing.

In addition, he is also a master craftsman - I reckon what he is really saying with that voice throwing stuff and how hard he worked on songs that weren't in his key is that he built his voice himself - it wasn't just laying around for him to pick up and use casually.

As for not being able to make appointments with your muse...Well, that is fascinating too, in that 'prepared mind' sort of way.

(Hey - I'm still having a lot of fun with my recording device - thanks!...piling up a lot of audio...pods coming)


Don F. said...

Hey Ross,
yes I agree totally.
What I found also impressive is his attitude to his craft and respect for it.He is aware of the gift, as he sees it and understands he shouldn't abuse it for fear of loosing what it means to him, if that makes sense? Very admirable qualities our world would be a better place if more saw things that way.
Glad you are enjoying the H4N.