Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Falcon & The Slowman....Mr. Reid Wonders If Fleeing Rats Are Actually Trying To Blow-Up Sinking Ship.



Update: Lib-ConColdFusion nothing but crazy talk?.....Go tell it to that crazy ol' fox Jim Shepard who is doin' a whole lotta talkin' himdelf , kinda/sorta still 'believing' in The Snook, as he kicked off his (no) citizens unitier-type 'province-wide tour' thingie earlier today...

Ian Reid wonders what Mr. Falcon and that ol' Progressive Horse 1A, George Abbott, are really up to with their sudden 'resignations':

"...And the one-two Wednesday (Falcon), Thursday (Abbott) punch of the two runners up (in the BC Liberal Party Leadership race) really seals the deal for me. This was orchestrated.

Will it work? Maybe but not likely. Forcing out Clark will just drive away another wing of the party. And there’s not really time for another leadership race, one that will eat up scarce dollars and push people apart, not together..."

But, here's the thing....Way back in January we wondered about this 'Depose The Snook' strategy and even wondered if it might go one step further:

...What if the Cons (within the BC Liberal Party) were to suddenly depose The Snook, anoint The Birdman, and then engineer a fusion-based love-in with The Curmudgeon.

How would those (Lib/Con aggregate) numbers look then?...

Hang on folks...This is about to get really interesting...

The comment above, thanks to EGregory, even got a little play on the then still-chugging PublicEye Radio show....All the other rabble-rousers laughed (if I remember correctly) derisively....



paul said...

I note in the unite-the-right story that Shepard plans to focus on the Liberal record versus the NDP. The problem for him is that the Progress Board did the work and found the Liberal record was just average.

I'm skeptical about a new leader. It's attractive to be premier for a few months, I suppose, and it worked well for Ujjal Dosanjh. But a new leader would still likely lose the election, and most people in politics don't want to sign up for a job like that. It's not so much whether people might like to replace Clark, it's that no one good wants the job.

RossK said...

Fair enough to be skeptical, Paul.

But it's the timing that has me weirded out and really wondering.

Ian calls it orchestration.


RossK said...

Oh...And regarding the Progress Board....Where'd it go again?

Oh, ya, now I remember, some guy named Willcocks wrote about that too.