Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kevin Falcon......Socialist?


Sound crazy?


But go ahead and read The Birdman's own words, from his resignation shuffle press release.

Go ahead.

I dare you:

"....I look back over my time as an MLA and Minister with great humility and pride. Humility, for being given the opportunity to serve as Minister of Deregulation, Transportation and Infrastructure, Health and Minister of Finance and Deputy Premier. Pride in working with colleagues to initiate and oversee some of the largest capital investments in BC history. Whether it’s the Port Mann bridge, Canada Line, Sea to Sky Highway, or working with my colleagues in Surrey to initiate the largest health investment in BC history (the $800m construction of a new Surrey Memorial Hospital and Jimmy Pattison Outpatient building), I am proud of what we’ve accomplished together. But I am equally proud of our health care innovations such as patient focused funding..."

Sure sounds like a whole lot a megaprojects that created jobs that were paid for by government off the people's collective backs to me.

And Mr. Falcon is proud of it.

Now, just imagine if all those deregulated corporations that made out like bandits building all that stuff actually paid their fair share too.

I mean, wouldn't that two billion dollar donut hole that Mr. Falcon and friends have been doing their darndest to hide/pretend doesn't exist since before the 2009 election disappear like, say, immediately?

Laila has more, on some of the stinkier aspects of CampbellClarkFalconHansenHochsteinMcLeanCraigJames Government spending, here...
And Matthew Burrows, in the GStrait, actually talks to someone who knows a thing or two about all that car-friendly infrastructure that The Birdman's friends built with our money, here...


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Anonymous said...

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, including Falcon, all chose to work for Harper, rather than the BC province and the people. Campbell thieved and sold everything he laid his hands on. He thieved $778 million from ICBC. Christy kept up the Campbell tradition, and added to Campbell's thefts and corruption.

Falcon did nothing other, than attack the BC citizens, in the middle of a deep recession. Blaming us for the debt the entire ruddy lot of them, put us in. Opposing the HST, that Harper and Campbell forced on us. Does Mr. Falcon think it's right, the BC tax payers are paying for, nail salon beauty treatments? For the fine dining and fine wine? How about Elections BC who did a lot of dirt to the BC people, taking his wife on trips, which we pay for?

Good riddance Mr. Falcon, your nasty disposition towards the people of BC, will not be missed.