Saturday, August 11, 2012

Is Rex Murphy On Christy Clark's Side?


It's kinda/sorta (but not really too) hard to tell, what with a lede like this:

The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that B.C. premier Christy Clark is right: Ixnay any pipeline to take Alberta oil west to China....

Followed immediately by a kicker like this:

...I confess that all along I’ve been misreading this pipeline controversy, mistaking what the (mainly B.C.) politicians were saying and doing for … reality...

Then there's a bunch of stuff about Clemenceau not being on hand to clap, one handed or otherwise, that doesn't really make a whole lot of sense.


Jelly Roll doesn't really care.

After all,  the man named Morton just wants the headline, hoping that it will percolate through the wurlitzer while his charge hides out in a secluded bunker located nowhere near Spuzzum that is (allegedly) "out of cell phone range".

A suitably satire-free NaPo header that goes like this:

Rex Murphy: Christy Clark is being a wily fox during the pipeline negotiations.


Meanwhile, the Globe's Bailey and Mickleburgh go spelunking and make their way deep into a 6,000 year old cave to find a couple of savvy commentators who are are  able to come up with something positive to say about the (not)Premier's recent grandstanding while they simultaneously tried on their freshly made dino-skin wetsuits:

...The Premier’s backers, however, continue to believe that by resurrecting B.C.’s long political tradition of bashing those beyond its boundaries, Ms. Clark’s pipeline posturing will yet bring back voters who have shifted their supportto other parties.
“This has come along, and it’s very good for her,” exulted John Reynolds, former B.C. Tory MP and Conservative House leader, who organized a lucrative fundraising dinner for Ms. Clark in June.
“With this issue, we’d get even more than last time. We’d fill the place.”
He isn’t concerned by her vanishing act, noting she has clearly outlined the issue and launched the debate on B.C.’s approach. “It’s a good time to step back a little bit, and let it soak in with people.”
Stockwell Day, another former federal Conservative prominent in the Clark camp, believes the Premier’s stand is a smart political move that will reap benefits in the long run.
It’s the right thing to do, as well, added Mr. Day, who had a long political career in oil-rich Alberta before jumping to the federal scene....

Go figure.

The real upshot here?....Once you've become a joke-line that even the Curmudgeon can exploit for a quick column written at the cottage after a mid-summer night's fever dream, you are in big trouble indeed.
Railgate conversation with the good Reverend Paperboy coming as Pod....Promise.



Lew said...

Interviewed by the Globe and Mail in June, John Reynolds said Christy Clark should “embrace” the Northern Gateway pipeline project, because it would create a wedge issue between her and the NDP. No mention of whether it should be embraced because it was the right thing to do and the project was environmentally sound. Now he’s positively orgasmic that because she’s pretending not to embrace it she’s found a wedge issue between her and Alberta and because of that he’d be able to hold another fundraiser and “fill the place.”

I think someone should give Mr. Reynolds a wedgie.

RossK said...

Great catch Lew - thanks.

And with the place full, Mr. Reynolds could then trot out his former protege, Doris, resplendent in that new dino-skin suit.