Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beer On Black...


"...Here is what I think. We could use some of Black's forward thinking applied to the big motherf*cking pipeline of saw logs we have built and are keeping pumping with raw timber we ought to be creating jobs with right here at home. $14,000,000,000 would build enough sawmills and re-manufacturing capacity to keep every man woman and child employed in this province for a hundred f*cking years..."

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Anonymous said...

They don't give a damn about mill workers in BC. Communist China wants the raw logs, only. They can pay their own people, starvation wages to do the mill work in China. As long as Campbell could stuff his own wallet, that was all that mattered to him. Same as him selling out our mines to China. Their people will do the mine work in BC too. Along with the Pine Beetle, there are Bud Worms attacking BC forests as well. I read, they may not even rebuild the mills that exploded. However, freighter after freighter of our raw logs, are still sailing to Communist China.

Danneau said...

See Ed Deak re: China and raw logs. I'll go over and leave a comment on Beer's place, but it's also worth noting that supply is a problem and that a good chunk of any loot invested in the province might be directed at mitigating and remediating damage done to the landscape as a result of our rape-and-pillage forestry schemes.

RossK said...

Good points Anon and Danneau - thanks.

There is also the matter of ForCo's being allowed to convert their licenses to REstate.

Who wins?


lenin's ghost said...

the corporate creaps!!!!.....poopheads!!!!