Saturday, August 04, 2012

Won't You Listen To What The Snook Says...


From a 'women's only' luncheon in Delta the other day, as reported by Maria Spitale-Leisk in the Leader...

..."It's nice to be here in Delta where women are running the show with Mayor Jackson...," (Christy) Clark said in her opening remarks. "We are taking over, ladies, I hope you know."

Billed as a women's town hall meeting, Clark reassured the audience of approximately 40 local businesswomen and a handful of community activists that there were no men in the room.

"We kick all the men out," said Clark. [We] have gotten rid of the male server and everything. Because I notice conversations happen differently when it's just women in the room."....

Then, when she was done and had taken six (yes, six!) questions from the audience of 40 (yes, 40!), our (not) Premier, who has gender splits to (literally, in real-pol terms) die for and who (allegedly) is standing up for all British Columbians when she 'speaks', snuck out through the back door to avoid reporters.

Go figure.

And kudos to Ms. Spitale-Leisk for somehow getting the goods on Ms. Clark's latest inane utterances given that the media were, in her words, 'barred from attending' the event....



Anonymous said...

Christy sneaks out back doors, as Campbell did before her. Campbell was nearly caught in a sneak out the back door, of a University speech situation. Scared the hell out of him.

As Campbell was having more and more people despise him. He would leave the country, to avoid sessions in the Legislature. Much like Harper proroguing Parliament, to get away with his crap.

RossK said...


My (notso) favourite sneek-around Gordo story was the one from the 2009 Bloviation for a Carbon-Taxed Nation, "Smell The Wedge (Issue)" campaign that involved proMedia puff-pieces about the 'family' bus that he was not on as he snuck in through the backdoor to a Wally Oppal rally.