Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Day That Mr. Flanagan Felt 'Very (Not John) Manly'


A lot of ink has already been spilled about the most recent egregious comments from infamous Calgary School standard-bearer, Mr. Tom Flanagan.

You know, the ones that got him fired the other day from both the CBC and the Alberta Wild Rose Party.

Which, are, of course, two peas in a fellow traveller pod.

Or some such thing.


Interestingly, however, not a whole lot of corpMedia ink has been spilled over the just as (or more?) egregious comments Mr. Flanagan made while he was actually on the CBC.

Egregious comments that did NOT get Mr. Flanagan fired when he uttered them in 2010 (and please note how none of the smiling surrender panel monkeys raised either a finger or a vocal cord to object to Mr. Flanagan's extreme egregiousity)...

*Thanks to reader J King for the memory jog on this one...


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