Saturday, March 02, 2013

This Day In Snookland...(Early Morning) Weekend Edition


If the VT-C's Les Leyne is right I owe Ms. Clark an apology.

Because on Thursday, after I typed out her undated and unsigned 'apology' that Rob Shaw snapped with his cell phone, I castigated the (not)Premier for not having the guts to show up in the legislature to read it.


Again, if Les Leyne is right, I was wrong.

Because I should have said, instead, that Ms. Clark, the 'scrapper' (as Mr. Gary Mason just called her), didn't have the guts, or foresight, or political street-smarts, or whatever to even talk to her cabinet as they went into full-metal revolt mode and wrote her apology for her.


And another thing.

If Les Leyne is right...

The always campaigning, and scheming, and smearing (but never governing) Ms. Clark is...


Oh, and Mr. Mason, if Ms. Clark is such a 'scrapper' who will never quit....What, exactly, really happened in 2004?...And, perhaps more importantly now, for a British Columbia stuck in the mess she has made,  just who (and what), exactly, started  her political resurrection shuffle way back when anyway...Huh?



Anonymous said...

Hi Ross,
if this comment is off-topic please just delete.

It sure looks like Grant G is right and Christy is getting thrown under the bus by her own party. Sure the incident was bad but not that bad compared to everything else.

If the Liberals do manage to eject Christy in the next month then:

a) the Liberals can justify delaying the election until the fall (or later) after another leadership convention. There have been several editorials lately about the benefits of a fall election. I can see mass demonstrations around the province though.

b)internet voting gets brought in.

Gee, all of a sudden the Liberals odds of winning, by fair means or foul, get much much better.


North Van's Grumps said...

Time for Christy Clark to do the Honourable action. Follow her hand picked "maiden of honour" Deputy Chief Staff Kim Haadstad out the door, forthwith.

And all through this kerfuffle, Chief of Staff, Dan Doyle has been mum?

Was Dan Doyle who condoned this type of behind the scenes, avoid at all costs allowing the public to see public documents? Is Dangerous Dan's method of running roughshod over BC Hydro?

Let's not wait for May 14 results. Just Quit Christy! Pull up your flighty boots, and leave.

RossK said...

otr and NVG--

I really, really dunno...

In real politik terms, I understand where otr is coming from (and this is why, a while back I wrote a series of 'Stay Christy Stay!' posts).

However, as it becomes clearer and clearer what Ms. Clark and her (now disgraced?) Wizards have really been up to, I find that I cannot disagree with NVG's current position.


Lew said...

So they're outraged about Dix back-dating a memo to himself, but reading an apology from the Premier to the people of BC in the Legislature when she neither wrote, saw, or agreed to it beforehand is okay?

Where are you, Mr. Shephard?

RossK said...


Oh, I'm sure the good Mr. Shephard is already cranking up for the next six figure smear-buy.


Dave said...

OK then ...

We have the Haakstad memo. Pander to the ethnic communities to get some quick votes!

And ... we have the execution.

Fake Bollywood Oscars.

I hope the QUOTE investigation END QUOTE finds the trail to Christy's umpty-million taxpayer dollar purchase of that bit of ethnic culture.

Anonymous said...

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are pro Harper. If the BC Liberals get rid of Christy and stay on? I don't want to imagine, what will happen to BC then?

Campbell twice lied and cheated to win his elections too. Don't forget what destruction Harper and Campbell inflicted on BC? The HST scam for just one. The BC Ministers that supported Campbell, are still with us to-day. Remember the dirty tactics used by Campbell, when we were fighting the HST. Not one of the BC Liberals, lifted a finger to stop Campbell and Harper's treachery.

The give-a-way to China, began in Campbell's time in office. CSIS warned of China's huge inroads into Canada. BC was specifically mentioned. Campbell had already given BC resources to China.

We need the BC Liberals, to vanish for-ever.

RossK said...



After all, because of egregious bullshit like that we don't, apparently, have the money to pay for things like...



Dave said...

Oh yeah ...

If my connection above means anything, it means that Pooky and a whole big bunch of her cabinet sock-puppets were fully aware of the "strategy".

RossK said...


Of course.

Actual governance means nothing to them.

Unless it involves a crony capitalist protection strategy...

And yes, we are looking at the Cabinet member with the flats of Cariboo near-beer piled high to the ceiling of his basement who read out Ms. Clark's 'apology' in the Ledge the other day.


What I really want to know is why nobody in the press-corps, point-blank, if she actually wrote said kinda/sorta half-a-mea-culpa.


Dave said...

I think Leyne has it. She didn't apologize ... ever. I fully believe that her cabinet "colleagues" have her in a half-nelson and they're just waiting for the next bus.

Dave said...

Oh yeah ...

This is really far too well orchestrated to be something that fell through the cracks of Snooky incompetence.

I hear the rumbling of Falcon returning from the grave.

RossK said...

And/or circling, just above the fray, until the vultures have done their thing.


North Van's Grumps said...

Anyone for a game of Darts? A Blog Post Poll? First game, multiple choices of course, involves the Premier and her Ministers.

Second Premier Clark and Deputy Premier Coleman.

Third game the Deputy Ministers.

Fourth game the Assistant Deputy Ministers.

Fifth game the Assistant Assistant Deputy Ministers.

Sixth Game PAB and GCPE

That WOULD, create a Balanced Budget for the BC Liberals