Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Last Day Of Snookland?...Is My Old Laughingstock Post Stalking Me?


Back around the time the Wizards of the Snooklandian inner circle were hatching their Ethnic Voter Manipulation Strategy Plan (ie. January of 2012) that would run on wheel fueled by government cheese, I wrote a post in which the kicker was the following:

...What if the Cons (within the BC Liberal Party) were to suddenly depose The Snook, anoint The Birdman, and then engineer a fusion-based love-in with The Curmudgeon.

How would those (Lib/Con aggregate) numbers look then?...

Now, two things...

First, after referring to the post in question, Eleanor Gregory raised this very possibility on Sean Holman's old radio show the following Sunday. Not too surprisingly, I suppose, all of the other rabble-rousers on the show that morning, as well the host I might add, laughed it off derisively.

Second, while I realize that a full-on Lib/Con Fusion would still only get them to 40% at best, it would still get them to within a scant few 'wedge issues on a silver platter-type striking distance of the 47% Dippers.

The next week to ten days could be very, very interesting, indeed.

Note added in proof....The VSun's J. Fowlie, on the Twittmachine, says he has been 'told' there are three options....Surprisingly, none of them include sparkle ponies or unicorns...Clearly, Ms. Pamela Martin was not involved in reaching out to set the agenda with various and assorted sundry cabinet meanies.



Eleanor Gregory said...

Bit of confusion in the news coverage yesterday and then this morning. Yesterday the report was 'emergency Cabinet meeting', then earlier today 'emergency caucus meeting'. I gather there was already a regularly scheduled caucus meeting tomorrow (Monday) in Victoria, so by default looks like emergency Cabinet meeting today.

Dave said...

Oh look! Just to add to a possible case of shingles ...

The birdman speaks!

RossK said...

Thanks Eleanor.




Some might even be wondering if there is a second Wizard's curtain hanging within a formerly shining P3 house that sits high on the ice bomb-laden hill that looks down on Snooklandia.