Saturday, March 02, 2013

Latenight In Snookland...Is This The (Eve Of The) End?



Because, as Bob Mackin is reporting, there will be an emergency meeting of the BC Liberal Party Cabinet tomorrow afternoon in advance of a Caucus meeting Monday.

Here is Mr. Mackin's lede and a tiny bit more:

Media in Vancouver are scrambling, as an emergency meeting has been called of the British Columbia cabinet for 4 p.m. on March 3 -- 71 days before the scheduled May 14 provincial election. All polls point to an NDP cakewalk. But what happens if Christy Clark suddenly becomes the ex-premier?...

{snippety doo-dah}

...A leadership change in cabinet on a Sunday could prevent the embarrassment of backbench MLAs quitting caucus to become independents or the anguish of losing a non-confidence vote in the Legislature...


As we've been discussing a little bit in the comments, if you are someone who wants to see a change of government in May, this may not actually be a good thing.

But I'm sure that is something we will be discussing, in detail, in the next few days if the axe does fall tomorrow.

If this is, indeed, the end...One can only wonder if Ms. Clark has her own Henry Kissinger to commiserate with...Can't be Ms. Martin because she, apparently, is helping enact 'the strategy' even as I type...Seriously.



Kim said...

Or, as I am thinking...
be careful what you wish for.

What is it going to take for us to get our election?

North Van's Grumps said...


Do you really think that the NDP had only ONE Leaked document to present, in Grand fashion, with pomp and ceremony, to the BC Legislature during Question Period?

There's plenty of time, seventy-one days, for more and more documents to be released to the Public, and the Media.

The Opposition has had twelve years of delving into the connections between the BC Liberal Party's skimming Government resources....just like Kim Haskstad's.... which include other follies ..... such as the Contract that was awarded to Gordon Campbell's 2001 Campaign Manager who orchestrated the break-up of BC Rail to CNRail. It was this same "Manager", "Mr. Fixit" who gave gave this Province Christy Clark.

If there's a faction of the BC Liberals that still have a backbone, are so dissatisfied by the actions of the few at the top of their Party, then they need to show that to the Public, the Voters of British Columbia. They have to stand up and say "Enough is Enough" and vote with the Opposition on a Non-Confidence motion to stop this nonsense once and for all.

scotty on Denman said...

In the last BC Liberal crisis, Christy had the thing her hostile caucus feared the most: the ability to call an early election. Thus the Campbellites had no choice but to let her play Premier and if it revealed they were still in control, she probably calculated that risk would be outweighed by the likelihood of mass retirements during the two years of usurpation left her: a fresh new start with new, untainted candidates going into the election. Her popularity plummeted to join the Campbellites' soon after she reneged on her early election promise by substituting a by-election. It remains apparent nothing she's done in the interim has forgiven effectively allowing the Campbellites to pillage BC for an extra two years, with such gusto as one might expect close to last call.

Christy can't make that kind of ultimatum anymore, time has really run out. If there's an emergency, most likely it's about caucus solidarity; Christy has little to whip the rebels back into line with.

If the party is about to forgo its majority and an early election results, the BC Liberal brand is probably toast--I don'y think Falcon, say, would hitch his ambitions to it at this point (he'll emulate his mentor and usurp a party of his own.)

The big if has always been whether Christy would make it to the starting gate.

bcwaterboy said...

Then there's that "party of free enterprise" coalition thing that was on the table a few months back
Maybe they do a last minute one eighty by changing the name and delaying the May vote to give them a few months to pull the wool over the electorate's eyes with that dandy "jobs plan".

RossK said...

Good point NVG--

There are sighs and whispers all over the Twittmachine that a fed-up former staffer left in a huff with a raft of Emails and docs...Really surprising to me that the Snooklandians were so filled with hubris that they didn't even bother to follow the 'Dobell Doctrine'.


Hella comment Scotty - thanks




And then they chickened out....Maybe, at least in part, because of what scotty had to say?...In addition, there was the fact that the ol' Curmudgeon running the BCCP's wouldn't throw in with Snooklandia...And I think some bought the bilgewater that was being pumped from Snooklandia itself.


bcwaterboy said...

btw Ross, I laugh everytime I think of or say the Wizards of Snooklandia, what a brilliant description of this bunch of fools.