Saturday, March 02, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...Peering Behind The Wizards' Curtain.


Well, actually...

In this post we will peer into a  'spreadsheet'.

As in...

The spreadsheet of the 'Ethnogate' strategy session/meeting held by a number of Ms. Christy Clark's Wizards of the Inner Circle who are listed as having been 'present' on the bottom line of the following excerpt from said spreadsheet...


Before I go on, I would like to first return you to those glorious days of yesteryear (ie. last November) and remind you that, when a number government caucus staffers (ie. folks working for BC Liberal Party MLAs whose salaries are paid for by you and me to help run the government) were caught doing party ratf*ck-hack work building an Adrian Dix smear site on governmnet time, they were slapped on the wrists by the executive director of the BC Liberal Party government caucus, Ms. Prim Carson.

Here is the memo that delivered said wrist-slapping:

Good morning,

As you have read in today’s Vancouver Province, there is an article in which staff are accused of using Caucus funded email accounts to work on a partisan activity during business hours.

Given the nature of our positions, I realize that there are unique challenges that we face in performing our day-to-day tasks in supporting our BC Liberal MLAs. That being said, all of us must make sure we do not cross the line and perform tasks that contravene our Standards of Conduct.

Please note that our Standards of Conduct states that:

“If engaging in political party activities, employees must be able to retain the perception of impartiality in relation to their duties and responsibilities. Employees must not engage in political party activities during working hours or use government facilities, equipment or resources in support of these activities.”

What happened over a year ago is a reminder of what can happen when these lines are crossed. Those who had involvement in this incident have been reproached.

I wish to remind everyone to follow the Standards of Conduct. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Prim Carson

Primrose Carson
Executive Director of
B.C. Government Caucus


I hope it has not escaped your attention that the 'Prim' in the image above from the Ethnogate 'spreadsheet' of the meeting that occurred in January of last year is actually, as has been confirmed by Cassidy Olivier of the Province, the same person who delivered the wrist-slapping of the flunkies above.

Got it so far?

Good, because here comes the kicker...Which is the following image, also from the 'Ethnogate' spreadsheet...

So, there you have it.

In January of 2012, Ms. Prim Carson a Wizard of Ms. Christy Clark's inner circle was tasked with coordinating the efforts of the EthnicVoter Manipulation Strategy between the government, the caucus and the BC Liberal Party.





And then, a scant 11 months later, in November of 2012, it was the same Ms. Carson who was telling a bunch of low level flunkies that they had crossed the line by doing funkitudinous hackwork on government time.


These are the Wizards of Snooklandia we have been dealing with for the last two years.

I mean, honestly...

Is it any wonder that actual things that actually have to be dealt with, things like, say,  Translink funding, the mess at BC Ferries, and the disaster at MCFD,  just to name three, have been totally ignored by these people?



Mark said...

I think Ms. Carson is acting out against her parents for giving their beloved offspring that quirky name. Prim giving this so called written reproach to her co-conspirators is almost as bad as delegating a senior civil servant to investigate a serious matter involving his employer and her BFF.....

North Van's Grumps said...

nah... you've got that wrong Mark, although it may have been a contributing factor to this:

Fun with sodium pentothal
December 15, 2004

Field organizer Ted Skwarok is a former constituency assistant to North Island backbencher Rod Visser. He was previously married to Primrose Carson , who works in the premier's office as the director internal liason.
By Sean Holman


Hey sodium pentothal still available?

Bill said...

I think the answer to WHY in all of this is that the "Wizards" are actually just BANDITS and ROGUE PIRATES.

The culture of entitlement (BC Liberals vs all them others) that Christy/Campbell and Co. have fostered at all cost sans any ethical tempering explain their predicament. If you don't ever get caught or only get caught very rarely and the consequences (up till now) have been inconsequential this is what some people do.

With lack of real leadership they are lost. It is too late now, they can not save themselves.

North Van's Grumps said...

Cassidy Olivier story on November 18,2012

The only thing the employees did wrong was use their government email accounts to communicate on party business, she said.

"You can't be doing party work here. For sure, I would agree with that," Carson said, adding the staffers were given a verbal reminder of what constitutes appropriate conduct.
Now there's a flip side to the story line Prim & Proper,.... it's inappropriate to use Government programs being assembled by intentionally bypassing their designated government email accounts. Especially this way, where Prim sent an email directly to BC Liberal Party headquarters via

A "quick win", A "quick Fix" to sort this mess out would be for the RCMP to be authorized to do a search of the BC Liberal Party's email database compared to PAB and GCPE

Mark said...

You can't access the database without a search warrant. You can't get a search warrant unless there's reasonable grounds to believe a breach of the criminal code or BC statutes has occurred. Nobody in the BC Liberal government is going to allow the RCMP access to any of their databases. Trust me on that one.

Dana said...

I suspect the RCMP wouldn't be all that eager to have any legitimate police forces looking at the BCL databases either.