Friday, March 01, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)....Prim?...Where Have I Heard That Name Before?

Early Friday Afternoon Update...How much of a an insider am I 'not'?....Well, originally I ascribed the wrong gender to Ms. Prim Carson...A thousand apologies...And thanks to a reader for knocking some sense into me...

Lunchtime Friday Update...Bob Mackin has more...It's sparkle ponies, unicorns and Pammy's diary!

Earlier today we noted that the Province's Cassidy Olivier has a story up, with documentary evidence and everything(!),  that very strongly suggests that at least two staffers inside the Premier's inner circle had a hand in drafting the partisan flack-hackery that ultimately became the Multicult-Memo-Strategy in early January last year.

One of those staffers is Ms. Kim Haakstad, who is the person who sent the M-M-S to a group of very fine folks in the Premier's outer circle that Mr. Vaughn Palmer, the Dean of the Legislative Press Corps, so graciously and tactfully called 'hacks'.

The other is a staffer named Primrose Carson.


Thanks to the blog-page that a PAB-Bot landed on this morning when he/she came by for a visit using the search string 'Prim Carson, OIC' I was reminded of the fact that I had written about the good Ms. Carson previously, back in late November of 2012.



It turns out that Ms. Carson was the inner-circlist concerned who was given the job of slapping a gaggle of caucus staffers on their wrists when they were caught doing a wee bit of partisan party flack-hackery on the public's dime (at that time the transgression was the construction of an Anti-Adrian Dix smear-site).

So there you have it...

Documentary evidence of the ways that the 'Wizards of Snooklandia' really run things....

Step One: Tell folks to stop their petty party flack-hackery one day.

Step Two: Engage in your own mega party flack-hackery the next.


Do I have that order reversed?

Who really knows given how this stuff just keeps going round and round and round.



While the Wizards fiddle....

Is anybody actually, you know...


(that's the subject of a coming post....I really do write ahead...Honest)

And who amongst us who have been paying attention to the flack-hacking since the early days of the Golden Era could forget another most similar sounding monicker...Ha!