Friday, March 01, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...Meanwhile While Christy and Company Fiddle...

....TransLink Burns.

From the MoCo:

The chair of TransLink's Mayors’ Council says he's frustrated with the province's inaction on funding proposals for the public transit system.
North Vancouver District Mayor Richard Walton says the council has introduced five proposals to the province but no action has been taken so far.
Walton says the province asked council to present funding options and strategies but it hasn't acted on any of them.
“The concern we have is we've been having these discussions for a very long time and we want very specific commitments to sit down and discuss these things and some commitment from the government that we're going to address these things,” he said.
“The [provincial] election is only 90 days away and at this point we've been asking for the same thing for close to two years.”...

Which is the real issue here.

Specifically, that...

While Ms. Clark and her Wizards have been busy campaigning, smearing and scheming for the last two years no one has been actually governing the province of British Columbia.


As you might expect....The Minister (allegedly) responsible for TransLink, Mary Polak, is now telling anyone that will listen (including CKNW) that she can't possibly do anything until AFTER the coming election...Of course not, because if the Snooklandians had actually done anything, say, 18 months or even a year ago, that would be on the books of their 'Sparkle Ponies on Fantasy Island'  faux budget...
NW's Shane Woodford is also reporting that BCL Party Riding Association Presidents are starting to resign...Although, as VSun's Jonathan Fowlie makes clear, the res. letter from one prez, old party warhorse Brenda Locke, was written Feb 7th...


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