Friday, March 01, 2013

This Day In (Still) Snookland (ctd)...In Which Darth Vader's Deadline Passes And The Dean Gets Snarky.


First...From Mr. Coleman, sans head-rolling...

Next...From Mr. Palmer, rapid fire and increasingly snarkoleptic (not to mention kinda/sorta funny too, ignoring for the moment the fact that BC is burning while the likes of Mr. Coleman, Ms. Clark and the Wizards fiddle)...

Regarding that last one, does this mean that Mr. Palmer is going to make like, oh, I dunno, Cassidy Olivier (and/or a younger version of himself) and really go after the Wizards on this one, no-holds-barred, and/or bets-a-hedged?

And why was everybody waiting for Mr. Coleman's ridiculous 'endorsement' of Snooklandia anyway?....After all, he played ALL of his cards a long, long time ago?
Oh and just in case you're wondering where the (not)Premier is hiding today....Well...Uncle Bob thinks she might be stowed away on Mr. (nolongerBC's)Rail's private jet....If so, you can bet that we (i.e. you and me) are paying for it....



Anonymous said...

A few more from bcpoli over the last hour:

Chris Brown ‏@CBCChrisBrown 3:36pm
- Someone "way down the chain" apparently thought its ok to mix public money with partisanship, says Premier, in PG today.

Bob Mackin ‏@bobmackin 3:53pm
- Blackcomb's C-FMCG arrived 3:01 pm at YXS from YVR.

Kavi Bal ‏@kavibal25 4:17pm
- 850 people expected to come out to support @bcliberals and @christyclarkbc in #PrinceGeorge tonight.

RossK said...



Got 'em already.

Whew...minds and all that.