Friday, March 01, 2013

This Day In Snookland (ctd)...Where's The Kruegernator Now?


Please Note: This one got moved back thanks to Cassidy Olivier's reportage this morning (which is still pouring out of him on the Twittmachine, btw)....


There's more today on the Wood Centre BC Liberal Government Pork-thingy in Prince George.

This time Andy Hoffman and Justine Hunter of The Globe have the story

And it is a story that, based on the evidence, so far lays waste to Mr. Pat Bell's claims that he did not in anyway try to influence the procurement process.

Here is their lede:

B.C. cabinet ministers Pat Bell and Shirley Bond were aware of and appear to have played a role in the procurement process for a multimillion-dollar contract in Prince George now at the centre of a deepening government scandal, according to documents obtained by The Globe and Mail, contradicting denials that the ministers were involved in the matter...

And here is a bit more:

...“I have had discussions, during September, 2009, with the Honourable Pat Bell, minister of Forests and Range, the Honourable Shirley Bond, minister of Transportation and Infrastructure and vice-chair of the Treasury Board … who have all clearly articulated the strong interest of having UNBC’s Wood Innovation and Design Centre located in downtown Prince George. The province is aware of the land assembly opportunity underway on the 500 block of George Street and it is a preferred location for both UNBC and the city of Prince George,” (Northern Development Trust CEO) Ms. (Janine)North's briefing notes (from 2009) say...

It really is astounding how at odds the documentation in this excellent bit of investigative journalism is with Mr. Bell's previous claims of total non-involvement.

And then, of course, there is the crony capitalism aspect of all this.

And do not forget who was Premier in 2009.

And who was running the Premier's office in 2009.



For all those Railgate cultists out there (and for our friend Mary too)....

May I remind you that all the available evidence strongly suggests that both Mr. Bell and Ms. Bond met with one Mr. Gordon Campbell in early 2002 so that they could be told, in secret, that BC Rail would, indeed, be sold.

This, as all cultists know, was a time when the official line being trumpeted by a government then being run by one Mr. Martyn Brown was that BC Rail would never be sold.

And soon thereafter, the media contracting, and the smearing, 'ripping of new ones' and everything else that would be used to shove the (lease not!) sale down our throats would begin.

My point?

Well, clearly...

Any and all duplicity and/or 'smeariness' that is occurring right now, or has occurred recently, within the current version of the BC Liberal Party and/or government is most definitely not, despite what very fine folks like Mr. Martyn Brown would like you to think, a new thing.




Anonymous said...

There is an odd turn going on ~

Martyn Brown is the the media go-to guy on the leaked Ethnic vote memo.

It's the oddest feeling to see him comment with a straight face on the corruption and incompetence of the current BC Liberal government - you know, "Mister I don't Remember" Chief of Staff during the sale of BC Rail.

How can the media think this man has any credibility?

RossK said...


Clearly, the 'Gordon Campbell Gov't Legacy Protection Project' is now underway.


kootcoot said...

"the Honourable Pat Bell, minister of Forests and Range, the Honourable Shirley Bond,"

The word 'honourable' cannot be used properly in conjunction with any of these people!

As to Martyn "early onset Alzheimers" Brown......He has blacked out everything that happened under Capo Gordo but somehow Christy's cleavage reactivated his memory......