Friday, January 04, 2008

Not So Random Acts Of....

Kindness And Light (#3)


Yesterday, I decided to take the day off work to take Bigger E, littler e., and their friend A. up to the snow at Mt. Seymour which is the most sideways hanging of Lotusland's Northshore Mountains.

And the snow-play was fun, if a bit wet because it has warmed up and greyed over considerably around here the last couple of days.

But perhaps the two funnest parts of the day had nothing to do with precipitation, fluffy-white or otherwise.

First, we stopped in at the 'Super-Valu' down along the water on the Dollarton Highway about half-way to Deep Cove because we needed two things - directions (I thought I had missed the Parkway and didn't want a car full of kids chanting 'Wrong way, wrong way, wrong way' over and over and over again as has happened on more than one occasion in the past) and lunch supplies. The directions were kindly offered by the young woman behind the till, but only after we went berserk in the aisles stocking up on any and all manner of junk food. Nothing is more fun, at least in terms of the shopping experience, than telling kids that they can run around and buy any kind of crappy foodstuffs they want (within gastronomical reason of course - I almost always draw the line at 'dunkaroos').

The second funnest part was when we headed into the lodge, cold and wet, to eat all that junk. And I'm not joking about the junkification factor - we began with Fudgeos and ended with Cheesepleasers (a weird, sticky/puffy cheesy thing that takes your small intestines prisoner and and forces them to wear G. Bay jumpsuit orange for 72 hrs or so). In between, we had one of the most rollicking games of twenty questions you could possibly imagine. Of course, my first guess was always 'Is it Fudgeos!' except for the one time when it was. We were so loud and boisterous that even the hardened and hardcore board-heads and their surburban crossword-puzzle-playing-for-the-duration Moms sitting at the next table were laughing in spite of themselves.

Anyway, the upshot of all this is that I completely forgot to look for a not-so random act yesterday. Thus, Q's (who is not really a Lotuslander as he lives somewhere in the rest of Canuckistan [ie. east of the Rockies]) will just have to do:

"I didn't push one senior on the icy side walks must be catching?"



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