Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Not-So Random Acts......

.......Of Kindness & Light (#1)



It was New Years Day.

My wife, C., was just coming in after dropping little e. at a friends.

As she got out of he car there was a binner coming up the street on his bike hauling one of those old, beat-up trailers that he probably found on a scap-heap somewhere.

A bunch of the empty bottles he had gathered up from revelers slipped out the back end of the trailer and broke on the street a couple of houses down.

The binner, who was old and weathered and rheumy did not take off.

Instead, he stopped, got off his bike and tried to clean-up.

C. went to the garage and got the push broom.

He smiled when he took it.

Then he finished the job.


Friday, we will try to put out even more bottles worth deposit money with the recycling.


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