Saturday, January 12, 2008

Not-So Random Acts....

Of Kindness And Light #8



After school on Thursday bigger E. was in a gaggle of her friends on their way to the bustop.

And as so often happens, when the gaggle was all done discussing the intricacies of the quadratic equation (not) the talk soon turned to gossip.

On this particular rainy winter afternoon in Lotusland the gossip was about one former member of the gaggle who has started hanging out with older kids.

E. is in the 9th grade, (ie. she's a highschool freshman in Excitable States terms) which elicits in me, as you might imagine, all manner of anguish and the gnashing of teeth.

Anyway, the missing kid is, according to the gossip at least, getting into all kinds of 'trouble' with said older kids.

All of which resulted in another kid, not E., telling them all to shut the heckfire up because the missing kid wasn't there to defend herself.

And so they did.

Shut up, I mean.

E. was impressed.

And I was pretty impressed that E. was impressed.

Of course, upon reflection I was even more impressed that E. even told me about it.

And once again, for at least the 3,467,924th time in the last fourteen years, a fantastic feeling washed over me.

Which is the feeling that my kid is, indeed, alright.



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