Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Not-So Random Acts.....

Of Kindness And Light (#7)


So, after yesterday's near descent into a road rage-induced act of vigilante pseudo-samaritanism, today I decided to spend more time on my bike.

Which turned out to be both a good and bad idea.

Good because it got me outside and got my blood pumping a little

Bad because today was one of those cold, wet midwinter Lotusland grey-day specials that almost (but not really) make me agree with my friend from Edmonton who likes to say that 'Ya, sure it's cold here, but at least the sun's out.'.

In other words, on a day like today in Vancouver it's not the cold, it's the humidity.

Anyway, today I rode to and from the Health Care Industrial complex and on my way backto Campus I took the 10th Ave bike route as far as I could and then swung up to 12th instead of heading down to 8th because I very much favour the short, steep hill up to the pinnacle of GordVille (ie. Point Grey) to the long, winding one.

So, just before I got to Dunbar I came upon a guy washing (on a day like this?!) his car at the side of the road. As I passed he dropped his hose to the pavement and it started to snake all over, spraying me down in the process.

The guy was so apologetic that I couldn't help but smile and wave.

Then I started laughing - hard.

After all, it's not as if I could have possibly gotten wetter.

It's quite possible, however, that the poor fellow thought I was completely deranged.


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