Friday, January 04, 2008

Whispers Of Gzowski?


There once was a time when I really enjoyed listening to Shelagh Rogers on the Ceeb back in the days when she did that five hour music show on Radio Two.

Because she really does know music.

And she was pretty good reading other people's words (ie. letters) with Gzowski on Morningside.

But now that she has an hour-and-a-half to fill every morning with her own words that gush all over the place with sweetness and all things CanConLite, my teeth just can't take it.

So much so that hers is the only national CBC Radio One show I turn off before it even starts.

Unless there is a decent guest host.

And this morning there was one of those.


The guest host this morning on 'Sounds Like Canada' was the best Don Edwards impersonator money can buy - Kevin Sylvester.

All kidding aside, this morning Mr. Sylvester conducted one of the best human interest interviews I've heard on the MotherCorp since St. Peter passed away.

And why was it so good?

Basically, because Sylvester actually listened to the interviewee (Toronto Star editorial cartoonist Dusan Petricic), got interested in what the interviewee had to say, and then actually asked questions based on the interviewees answers and his own interest in those answers.

In other words, Sylvester had a real conversation with Petrocic while simultaneously coaxing him to flesh out his fascinating idea that there is a commercial/ideological orthodoxy that exists in North American newspaper publishing that he actually finds more constraining than the political/ideological orthodoxy he had to deal with back when he did the same job in Yugoslavia during the time of Tito.

It was really ear-rivetting stuff and something, sadly, that Ms. Rogers never seems to come even close to generating.

*Of course, for those in the know (or who, like littler e. and Bigger E., have to ride in the car with me in the morning), The Cluffmaster Flash also gets the gas pipe faster than you can say Alison Gsowski (unless it's Monday @ 8:25am and Fred Lee is coming on). However, despite Cluffie's ambitions, CBC Vancouver's 'The Early Edition' remains a local, not a national, program (which wouldn't be so bad if Mr. Cluff actually knew something about Vancouver).
Turns out that, as the outer fringes of the Google-Cache indicate, Mr. Sylvester, like Mr. Petricic, also spends some of his free time taking a turn as a children's book illustrator.


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