Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Not So Random Acts.....

Of Kindness & Light (#2)


This morning my brother and his wife came over with their two kids from Victoria so they could all go Christmas money shopping down at the Mall with the two E.'s at Metrotown.

I wanted no part of that, but I did hang around the house long enough to help with the serenading of the cousins from the sidewalk when they arrived on our shores.

All of which made me late for work.

And then, on my way there, I remembered that we were out of coffee in the lab.

So, by the time I hopped off my bike around the corner from the 'Around The World Bean' store I was in a pretty big hurry.

And there was this big herd of rowdy, noisy, 'no school today' young kids at the corner where they were waiting for B-Line bus and clogging the entire sidewalk which did not, at least initially, improve my disposition one bit.

Then I saw this old guy with a walker approach the herd.

He wanted to hit the pedestrian crossing button, but the herd was in his way too.

Which also didn't, at least initially, improve his disposition either.

Then, suddenly, a striking young woman with a shock of white-white hair, multiple piercings, and myriad tatoos separated herself from the herd, pushed the button and helped the old guy across the street, engaging him in an animated conversation all the way.

By the time they got to the other side of the street they were both beaming.

Then the bus came.

And the driver waited while the girl darted back across to him through the traffic.


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