Monday, May 04, 2009

Campaign Day 21 (cont'd)....Did The Debate Signal The Return Of The Less Kinder & Not So Much Gentler Gordon Campbell?


I've already voiced my concern that, if the BC Liberal Party wins on May 12th, we may not see the professed 'new and improved' (and nicer?) Premier that some have dubbed Gordon Campbell v3.0 on May 13th.

Instead, I worry that we just might find ourselves under the thumb of an even more spiteful version of the original slasher, burner and public asset seller that we first saw in the summer of 2001 when the expedient panic button marked 'austerity' is hit once again in the summer of 2009.

Which is something I have been calling Gordon Campbell v1.1.

And last night, during the TeeVee debate, I couldn't help but wonder if we saw a little bit of that v1.1 spitefulness emerge, just a tad ahead of schedule, when Mr. Campbell belittled Carole James for trying to become Premier because the job is just too 'big' and too 'difficult' for her.

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.....and spiralling on downward into abject condescension.

You know, kind of like Yul Brenner talking to Deborah Kerr at the beginning of the King & I.

Now, all snark aside, a number of pundits have commented on the fact that Mr. Campbell's specific display of condescension towards Ms. James also came off as being derisive towards women in general.

Which, I'm pretty sure has caused a signficant number of smooth muscle fibers surrounding various sphincters down in the BC Liberal Party War Room to suddenly go slack given those gender splits that were revealed in the last Angus Reid poll (ie. women were already way down for the current Premier).

But I digress (as usual).

Getting back to theme of the post...... The display of derision in the debate really did remind me of the 'old' Gordon Campbell.

You know, the one who did this:

"It was late on a Tuesday night. We were all tired. One member was talking about a fundraiser and the Premier made some comment to the effect that he didn't remember it or if he wasn't there it didn't happen.

"I just said, and it was meant to be funny, 'You know Gordon, it isn't all about you.' It got a big laugh.

"He (Campbell) got up and walked along, like he does when he's on stage, and then he said it. 'F*** you too, Elayne.' People laughed a bit but I think most were shocked. I tried to be tough and not show how I felt. But when I went out to the car I was crying."

Former Campbell Caucus Member Elayne Brenzinger
as reported by Mark Hume (b/w Mike Smyth), March 2004.



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