Sunday, May 17, 2009

RailGate Going Down....Who Knew What When?


On Friday morning, three of British Columbia's pre-eminent opinion makers - Keith Baldrey, Bill Good and, especially, Vaughn Palmer - discredited RailGate as something that only a cult of 'the same eight people' care about because the public, (ie. that body that swallows the opinions they make pretty much whole), has no opinion.

Which is ironic in the extreme if you really think about it, even for a nanosecond.

Especially given the document dump that came later the very same day wherein the FedCons directly intervened in RailGate when they announced that they have essentially taken the judge away by kicking her upstairs.

Which, of course, is a switcheroo that could very well put the final nail in the coffin of the entire trial (that has still not started after more than five years of special prosecutor-assisted dithering).


With that in mind, we thought we'd offer the opinion makers a series of questions they might want to ask to determine if there is indeed anything to care about amongst folks chatting around the watercooler about 'Jon and Kate Makes Eight' next week.

Our first question was:

Who, specifically, in Rob Nicholson's Federal Justice Department made the decision to kick the RailGate Judge Ms. Bennett upstairs at this time?

And now, our second question is:

Who, specifically, in Wally Oppal's British Columbia Attorney General's office was informed of that decision prior to it's being announced?

Our third question will be announced tomorrow (think timing) but, in a tribute to opinion makers past, we close today's Cult session with the following bit of 'remember when' prose from regular reader Curly.....

Young Lad: Grandad, were there REALLY such things as investigative reporters when you were a boy?

Grandad: Yes, Tommy, it's true. In my day, hard-hitting ethical journalism was considered to be an important cornerstone of free democratic societies. It kept citizens engaged and informed, and it tended to help keep public servants accountable...

Young Lad: Gee whillickers, Grandad! You must be real old! I've never seen a real hardhitting news story in the mainstream media. What happened to all the mainstream journalists, Grandad? Are there any still alive? Did they go the way of the dinosaurs?

Grandad: Nobody knows, Tommy, nobody knows...some say they were slowly drained of their integrity and turned into zombies who spouted whatever line their masters bid them. Others claim there's an island in the south Pacific where they go when they die, but nobody really knows.

Now, please don't understand either Curly or myself. We both know that there are some very good investigative journalists round here. It's just that they don't have the platform and/or the profile of the three amigos mentioned at the top of this post.

Which is another irony.

Or is it something else?


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