Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Have Your Say....No Puffed-Up Punditry Allowed!



I've decided to try one of these LiveBlog interactive doo-hickey thingies for tonight's post election coverage....

Feel free to throw in anything you like but just so you know, I'll be mostly watching numbers, so comments on the coverage and/or anything you're seeing/hearing at post-vote shindigs would be most appreciated.

It's really simple, you just give yourself a user name in the text box below and punch stuff in, the great thing is that there is no refreshing and/or re-loading, the software does it for us (Sean Holman used this for the TV debate and it worked well...I'm not entirely sure I'll be as nimble-fingered as he was however).

It's all set up to start at about 7:30pm....Do have to pick up the two E's from dance class and choir, so hopefully I'll be here by then....

(oh, and if somebody from the puffery we like does manage to stop by during a commercial and/or after a pee break we just might let 'em on, but only if they have something useful and non-spinsterish to say.....ha!)

Update 5:00pm: And while he won't be stopping by due to puffed punditry duties of his own on CeebTV, Sean Holman is wishing us luck...Double-secret probation ha! ha!
UppityerUpdate 6:00pm: Just back from the voting booth...Is it my imagination, or are we actually making it harder to cast our ballots?...Off to pick up kids....Correspondents start your engines...Back soon!
Late Night Updateiest.....Thanks All....Best thing I've seen so far, looking forward, is from Paul Willcocks

If you can't see the 'Cover It Live' box on this page, click the link below to get a pop-up.


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