Friday, August 24, 2012

E Tu, MoCo?


Rafe Mair has been fired from the CBC's Monday morning political panel.

This is not a good thing.

From Mr. Mair's Facebook page/wall thingie...

"After nearly 7 years I’ve been fired by the CBC’s Early Edition as part of their political panel.

Clearly I was fired because my dealing with the last two Liberal’s whom I saw and heard as party hacks, not evaluators of the political scene.

To any who think this was because they were both women I hearken back to the days when Erin Chutter represented the “right”. Erin was candid, spoke in real terms not PR flack talk. And she was tough as nails.

I tried to ask the questions members of the public would ask and to hold governments’ feet to the fire.

I’m used to being fired. My media career can be summed up thusly - I started when I was 50, was BC Broadcaster of the year, was twice short listed for the Michener Award, won the Michener award, was awarded the Bruce Hutchison Lifetime Achievement award at the Jack Webster Awards ceremony and am in the Canadian Association’s Hall of Fame - during which time I was fired three times.

Make that four."


Never mind the media monitoring contracts designed to softly massage messages.

Because if the CBC can be pushed around (or feels that it must push itself around to keep the Colonel and the Paymasters happy)....


Thanks to reader E. for the heads-up....
Laila has this one up too, with a little more, here...
Charlie Smith, himself a former MoCo political contributor, weighs in, here....
And in case you didn't know it, Merv Adey, the independent citizen who got the MoCo COI Smart/Scott thing going with nothing more than a well-written letter, is on fire on the TwittMachine....Mr. Adey is someone well worth following, here...



Anonymous said...

Especially in BC. The media are just propaganda machines for the government. The truth is not permitted in BC's media. Most of them are a, disgrace to their professions.

As well as cancelling my newspapers, I will cross the CBC off my list too.

Rafe is one of the finest, probably far too honest for the CBC to handle. The CBC must want butt kissers only. Rafe would never sell his soul to the devil. However, the CBC will and does.

West End Bob said...

And that annoying, fingers-grating-on-a-chalkboard-voice suzanne anton is still there.

Oy vey . . . .

RossK said...


I'm not so sure it's the 'government', but there is most certainly a status quo that they all seem to think they must defend.



The real issue is that, unlike Mr. Mair, Ms. Anton is not an honest broker on that panel. The same is true of Mr. Sihota. It has become a mini-mouse circus with the Puffmaster Flash in the junior David Gregory role.


Anonymous said...

For a look at this issue from Non Sequitur's point of view go here for Aug. 25, 2012 cartoon.

I think it sums up the mainstream media in BC and in Canada very well.

lenin's ghost said...

lol......I'm sure the puffmaster was part of this.......don't be having any of that intelligent content in my time slot!!!!!!!

After Peter Gzoski......(hm..spelling?)...........the puffy one is such an ass-kissing disgrace!!!!!!