Thursday, August 09, 2012

What The Auditor General Didn't Find In The Snook's Credit Card Statements...

...Was A Big Disappointment To The Troublemakers At Kudos & Kvetches.

To wit:

...To be honest, K&K was a little disappointed with the list of credit card expenses. We hoped to see something a little more frivolous. Where was MLA Kevin Krueger’s $740 in late charges for the DVD Weekend at Bernie’s II? Or Rich Coleman’s $77 tab for Slim Jims at 7-Eleven during one particular dark night of the soul? Or Margaret MacDiarmid’s monthly repairs to her pearl necklace?
Clark’s restaurant bills didn’t even include a visit to Chuck E. Cheese or an afternoon of paintball followed by hot stone massages for her hard-working posse.
Clearly, she doesn’t understand the full reach of her power...

All snark aside, are you, like me, surprised that no one has done a detailed analysis of  Ms. Clark's three point defense of her realm's spending?


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