Friday, August 03, 2012

The Only Thing Worse Than A Dead Cat Bounce Is...

....A Double Dead Cat Bounce With An Angus Reid Cherry On Top.

The argument over the two polls is over.

Because now, with the second half of the AReid poll out, there is pretty much 100% agreement with Forum.

And the agreement is that Christy Clark got absolutely no bounce from the public in the wake of her political grandstanding over the Northern Gateway thing last week.

Ian Reid has the details and the comparative analysis, here.

Of course, if this really were important to CC and her Talkshow Government, you might think that she might be following up with some real concrete attempts to forge a solution...Instead, she just tells whoever will listen that the real reason she keeps throwing tantrums and delivering ultimatums is because that is the way you stand-up for British Columbia....But ask yourself this...Can you use ultimatums and/or tantrums to fund school programs that matter?....Or diversify an economy that is not based on fracking?... Or to help those amongst us that need our help most?...Sheesh.



Chris said...

So here is your question, which is a good one: "Can you use ultimatums and/or tantrums to fund school programs (etc) that matter?"

I'd ask a second question: If this is what standing up for BC looks like (as the premier has told us all), how come we haven't seen it happen when school programs were in jeopardy? Because some federal money to the valid ESL programs that a lot of schools pay a fortune for are actually immigration programs, and should be funded by Ottawa... a little footstamping on that front might be nice. Or maybe a tantrum or two on behalf of everyone trying to keep a roof over their head in SuperNaturally Expensive BC, where rent might be less crippling if the feds would put the tax credits back in place for building rental units. And so on.

It isn't just the tantrumming. It's the things she's fit-pitching about that disturb me.

Unless of course it's a fake fight with Ottawa that was set up all along. That wouldn't disturb me at all, since there's some comfort in predicatability.

RossK said...


Sometimes follow-up questions, especially those that get to the heart of the matter, deserve a post of their own...