Saturday, August 25, 2012

The 'Market' For Faregates


Remember when the Translink fare cheater thing blew-up, bigtime, and it seemed like every single media outlet  (not to mention holier-than-thou-commentator) in town was all over the 'story' like Sheena on Easton's morning train?


Was the story real?

Sure, I know there were studies and (not)taxpayer groups helping to stoke the thing, but...

Was it manufactured?

I mean if you were, say, a lobbyist with PR firm connections who needed to create, oh I dunno, a $200 million dollar after-market where none existed before, wouldn't you, perhaps, want to send your flying flack-hackery monkeys out in droves (or pods or whatever those things really are) to get the Wurlitzer cranking?


The thing that really makes me crazy about this whole deal, regardless the PR/Wurlitzer/HerdMedia machinations that went on behind the scenes, is that it sure looks, and smells, like a whole lotta folks, PR/lobby-connected or otherwise, sure made out like bandits on this one - on both ends of the deal.

And we, the public, have been bamboozled once again, this time by our own faux-outrage, into helping them do it.

With our money.

For what?

Two hundred million dollar 'turnstiles'?


On the plus side, at least were not 'singing songs for PR pimps with tailors' too.


You want a serious analysis of why this whole thing stinks and won't even pay for itself for, like, forever?....Stephen Rees (who is now on the BlogCrawl - don't know why it took me so long) is your man...



Anonymous said...

Probably the same buggers who weaseled the $1B BC Hydro 'Smart Meter' contract, and claim that music piracy costs the Canadian economy 100x the global GDP.

lenin's ghost said...

The real idiots are the ones that didn't put in turnstiles originally.......the poopheads running things should privatize the whole transit can hardly be run any worse and corrupt than it is now.....shouldn't even say this as the poopheads consider the worst idea, which is a Private/public option which would be a disaster!!!!!!
Ignore me....I never said anything!!!

RossK said...


Me thinks the old poop and the new poop had same heads.

That's the real kicker here.

(and of course they wore/wear many hats at all times to cover said stinky stuff)


lenin's ghost said...

you got it, Ross........same old names and faces, but the same crime family.

Maybe Dix will bring us a bit of hope