Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Snook's Big Play...Dead Cat Bouncing



It's the Thursday before the mid-summer long weekend.

And still none of the heavies in the Lotuslandian media have gotten behind the (not)Premier's big play to make Alberta pay.

And now it doesn't look like it matters anyway.

Because, according to a Forum Research poll, public opinion has already hardened:

...The (latest) survey (of public opinion) was conducted on Tuesday and is the largest test of public support for the Liberal government’s aggressive Gateway stand.
Toronto-based Forum suggests the results of the survey indicate the NDP would take 79 of 85 seats in the legislature, reducing the now-majority Liberals to four. The other two seats would go to independent candidates.
The BC Liberals, who will be seeking a fourth term in the May, 2013, provincial election, are at 23 per cent, up from 20 per cent, as measured by a Forum poll last month. The BC Conservatives – who, like the Liberals, have no connection to their federal namesake – are at 18 per cent...

So, after all that great play Ms. Clark got in the Revelstoke Times-Review earlier in the week, unless Jelly Roll has got a big spread comin' in the Spuzzum Sentinel's upcoming Summer Weekend Spectacular Edition, I reckon this segment is done like dinner.

Next up....

How about a human (non)interest segment on how to make that Summer Fireworks Feeling last all year long?


Maybe the (not) Premier could do a segment with the fine folks from Bishop's and 'C' wherein they tell us how they handle really big parties with really grand poo-bahs having absolutely smashing good times on the people's dime.

Or some such thing.

Sorry that I don't have the guts of the Forum poll to give you....It was an 'exclusive' to the Globe, so had to go with their stenography...



Beijing York said...

With those results, Snook would be the Kim Campbell to Gordo's Mulroney reign.

RossK said...



Except, somehow, I don't reckon Ms. Clark will land a lectureship at Harvard or a Consul-Generalship.


She might wind up with small part on Manswers, which is apparently one of her favourite TeeVee shows.


Even more likely, the new Westcoast self-promotion manager/host for Sun(not)News.


Ian said...

RossK, I'm with your analysis not Harvey's. And that's because it doesn't matter what she says. Experience says you just can't trust that.

BTW: folks tell me the Libs were looking for a 6-8 point bounce. Forum's results landed like a great big thud of the bad stuff.

RossK said...


Six to Eight? Really?...So, Ian, in your experience as a Pol, when things turn out like this, do you dump the thing or do you move on to the next thing?...And would focus group data play a role in your decision?

Regardless, before we completely kill off Harvey's hypothesis, I think we better wait for a couple more pref polls.


North Van's Grumps said...

The BC Liberals are going down for the count in 2013, whether Christy Clark remains at the helm today or bails within the month. In steps the Deputy Premier,...Kevin Falcon, who takes over, or already has. He'll be the leader for the BC Liberals, although there might even be another quick shuffle before The End.

From past history of the doomed Social Credit Party, where the Leader who came to power after Dave Barrett, was Free Enterpriser Bill Bennett (he got lucky, and left, he got lucky twice and had El Gordo name the floating bridge of Kelowna after him).

The Social Credit Party did eventually go under, never to rise again.

Bill Bennett Dec. 22, 1975 - Aug. 6, 1986 (11 yrs)

Bill Vander Zalm Aug. 6, 1986 - Apr. 2, 1991 (5 yrs)

Rita Johnston, Apr. 2, 1991 - Nov. 5, 1991 (6 months)
Gordon Campbell (11 yrs)

Christy Clark (1 year, Five months)

Kevin Falcon (8 months)

RossK said...

Excellent comparative analysis NVG!

This deserves a post of its own.


When you did the breakdown on the (not)Premier's overseas spending sprees did you break down how the expenses were claimed (ie. were those expenses that you documented charged to her office credit card do you reckon?)