Monday, June 14, 2021

All Mr. Harper's Firewalls Are Him.


As Tom Parkin, now writing in Press Progress, notes, Alberta's 'Wildrose Independent Party' (WIP) seeks to create a:

...“sovereign constitutional democracy that recognizes the supremacy of God”...


It's important thing to understand that the WIP is not part of Jason Kenney's UCP.

In addition, WIP numbers are rising:

Thus, you can bet that Mr. Kenney's recent impassioned defence of John A. MacDonald had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with wrangling votes from Rachel Notley and/or owning the Dips. Instead, it was very likely designed to start peeling off old time Harper voters from the WIP.

After all, the WIPeristas are part of the firewall base that Steve built. And, like certain Republican politicians down south, the only way that Mr. Kenney can placate a hardock base built over years of pandering and propagammon is to turn the temperature up to four hundred and fifty-one degrees fahrenheit at every opportunity.


And, just in case you've forgotten....A very fine fellow named Ken Boessenkool, who has become a bit of a Canadian Rick Wilson of late, was also a signatory to Mr. Harper's original 'Alberta Firewall letter'...



Anonymous said...

Ken of Victoria ? worked for Christy?

RossK said...


That'd be the one...