Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Your Evening Audio...Pancho and Lefty.


I've been thinking about political pragmatism quite a lot lately.

Including the brand of 'double p' that's going down right here in British Columbia.

Because, while I completely understood the need to make sure the 'Dr. No' moniker did not stick, especially back in the minority days, it now seems that our current lefty leader is a wee bit too worried about doing what's best for the longterm political future of his majority government. As a result, it appears that he might be losing the support of the friends that he and his will need most when the going gets tough and/or the weather changes on a metaphorical trip to, say, Cleveland.

Kinda like when Townes Van Zandt's Lefty lost Pancho, in the end, to a pragmatism of a very different kind...

And, ya, I know that, while all the Federales may not say it, the real Lefty Frizzell wasn't even born until after Pancho Villa's demise...But that's the way it goes...At least in the lyrical imagination of Townes, no?



e.a.f. said...

hadn't heard this version, but its very different from others. gives the song a whole different meaning.

I still like his Long black Veil. Play it often. Always thought of it as an anti death penalty song along with not trusting too many people in life. She let him hang to avoid unpleasantness.

Thank you for putting this on., Interesting sound to his voice on this.

RossK said...

Thanks e.a.f.--

Just to be clear, the audio here is not Mr. Van Zandt - the YouTube video linked to at the end of the post though most definitely is

And while I'm of an age to have gotten hooked on the Band's version of Long Black Veil, here's Lefty's original.