Saturday, June 26, 2021

The Heatdome Blues Room


Unfortunately, a wall of work will keep me squirrelled away down in the subterranean homesick bluesroom through a good chunk of the Lotuslandian heatwave weekend.

Which isn't all bad given that it is a little cooler down here in the basement.

And the guitars are nearby which means I can take a break occasionally to work on the next Sunday Set (of songs).

Which is precisely what I did this morning, only things didn't go so well even after I capo'd up and/or transposed the chord progressions. 

So I tried just going through the book of old songs and for the first time in a longtime I got that tingly feeling while playing the long, lost favourite shown above.

Which is just what I was looking for.

Sure was.

Did that old favourite, which is a John Darnielle/Mountain Goats song, way, way back in the day with the kids and the Whackadoodle I...
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