Saturday, June 12, 2021

They Always Smear The One They Fear The Most.


I've said it before and I'll say it again.

The B.C. Liberals, closely adhering to that chapter in their playbook titled 'All Our Ends Justify Any And All Means' always smear the one they fear most.

From the Vaughn Palmer's latest column in the Vancouver Sun:

Michael Lee, the B.C. Liberal MLA and leadership candidate, launched a personal attack on Attorney-General David Eby this week, accusing him of contributing to anti-Asian racism in B.C.

“The attorney general, during his years as Opposition housing critic, directly and indirectly contributed to encouraging anti-Asian sentiment in our province,” charged Lee, citing Eby’s actions during the housing crisis under the last B.C. Liberal government...


...Lee singled out Eby’s supporting role in a 2015 survey that found people with non-anglicized Chinese first names were responsible for 66 per cent of the housing purchases in three neighbourhoods on the west side of Vancouver. Eby later apologized for providing the documentation for the survey.

Lee: “When money laundering first started gaining media attention in B.C., the NDP wasted no time in tying it to the same foreign influence, and quickly, largely because of the purposeful narrative spun by the attorney general, Chinese money became synonymous with crime in our province and served to further fuel racist narratives about B.C.’s housing market."...

Not to go all young Michael Caine on you (again) or anything, but what's it all about this time Alfie?

Well, the Dean of the Legislative Press Gallery went on to explain things thusly, as only he can:

...Eby confirmed again that he had “provided land title records for a number of properties on the West side of the city of Vancouver” to Andy Yan, the researcher who produced the study.

He also acknowledged his apology “for my involvement in that study,” which he first delivered six years ago and repeated this spring, during testimony to the government-ordered inquiry into money-laundering.

But he emphasized that he was not faulting Yan, now the director of the city program at SFU.

“I want to be really clear that I support Mr. Yan’s ability to do this work, to be fearless in doing it, to examine important questions,” said Eby, who is also minister responsible for housing.

Rather his apology was prompted by “my disappointment over how that study was covered by the news media.”

“I absolutely accept responsibility for failing to adequately understand how the study would be used, reported on in the media and have apologized for that,” Eby explained...

Then the Globe's former Lotuslandian housing scribe Kerry Gold weight in and added the context that Mr. Palmer most decidedly left out of his column on the Twittmachine:


Did the good Mr. Palmer at least call out Mr. Lee and his colleagues, including Teresa Wat and Ben Stewart, who piled on, talking points memo style, for their actions?

Of course not.

Instead,  he aimed his final kicker squarely at Mr. Eby:

...Eby did not name the news organizations whose coverage of the Yan report disappointed him, perhaps not wanting to invite a push back from that quarter.

But having covered Eby through his eight years and counting in provincial politics, “naive” is the last word I would use to describe his calculating, self-serving relationship with the news media...

Imagine that.




e.a.f. said...

My take on this would be they are trying to change the narrative on money laundering. The B.C. Lieberals were in office when all of this started and did nothing. They just held "private" fund raising parties and got more and more money.

Money laundering, well it was the Australians who first came out with the diagram on how it was done and referred to it as something Canadian/Vancouver, etc. It was very clear how the drugs came from China, how the money was laundered via our casinos and real estate. When we have the facts, its isn't racism, its just the facts. I'm sure the gang is interested in getting rid of Mr. Eby. Good luck. The B.C. Lieberals turned this province into a gangster's dream. The majority of money laundering via casinos was done at the one in Richmond. You just have to wander through there to see who the clients are gambling and who the loan sharks are. its not racism. its facts.

I'm of the opinion if the B.C. Lieberals return to office we can expect more money laundering and we will once again become known as a great place to launder money.

Graham said...

Thanks Ross, funny how except for the mention in VP’s piece neither he nor anyone in the comments said how all this is really just to get Lee’s name in the paper and build some buzz for his leadership bid. Most people have probably never heard of the guy. And hey, if they can get a shot in at the dips and Eby , all the better for them. I hope it wakes up the ndp and gets them back on their toes. They seem a little sleepy these days.

NVG said...

'.... people with non-anglicized Chinese first names were responsible for 66 per cent of the housing purchases ..."

'Why some Chinese speakers also use Western names'

You might have heard of movie star Jackie Chan, but you sure do not know he is addressed as Cheng Long in Chinese. As for martial artist Bruce Lee, his Chinese name is Li Xiaolong. Western names are widely used by Chinese-speaking people, in addition to their Chinese names, even though they are not used for official identification.