Tuesday, June 29, 2021

This Is The Modern World.


A couple of folks I work with who have young families have been trying like heckfire recently to  make reservations to camp in BC Parks.

Clearly, my colleagues have not learned how to be digital/automated queue jumpers like some in British Columbia,  according to a piece by Eva Uguen-Csenge of the CBC:

Booking reservations through the B.C. Parks website can be a headache, but those with a little coding knowledge seem to be finding a way around that.

According to comments on a Reddit thread, some savvy individuals have figured out how to write a coding script that fully automates the booking process and allows them to quickly reserve the spots they want as soon as they become available.

The camping-inclined coders are using a program called Selenium, a plugin that automates web browsers...


...In an emailed statement, B.C. Parks says it has tests in place to prevent against this kind of work-around and is investigating the Reddit claims.

"B.C. Parks has received assurances that these tests and prevention mechanisms are in place and operating effectively at login and checkout within the Discover Camping service," the statement reads.

The B.C. Parks website has caused frustration for users in the recent past when thousands of people have logged on simultaneously and crashed the site...


That sure is a big change from the old days when we used to drive up to an empty Bamberton, shown above, on a Wednesday and set up empty tents surrounded by lawn chairs so that we could have a spot for the weekend (not that that was all that fair, either, now that I think about it).

Header-induced ear worm for those of a certain vintage?....This!



NVG said...

BC Government data Other destinations of the beaten paths:



RossK said...

Thanks NVG - the interactive map is fun!


e.a.f. said...

We need more provincial parks and camp grounds for British Columbians. We're the ones who pay the taxes, We ought to get first priority.

I do remember those times. driving up during the week or even if it wasn't a long weekend just driving up Friday after work and getting a spot at Cultus Lake for the weekend. Ah, it would be nice to be able to do that again.