Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Marquee Diplomacy.


The turn of phrase, above, comes from the marquee of the venerable State theatre in Portland Oregon:

"..Kevin Norsworthy, an administrative assistant tasked with managing the highly visible marquee on Congress Street, said the message, “Vaccines are a gateway drug to concerts,” came to him “on a whim” while he was changing out the letters on May 17..."

Which begs the question....Which is more powerful in this case, the picture or the (much less than a thousand) words?

For those round
here that went mix-and-match AZ and mRNA, there are data out now and the kicker is very, very good indeed.



Danneau said...

Not if you're Eric Clapton or Van Morrison. There could be some fading into irrelevancy here, and an explicit reminder that expertise in one field hardly equates to broadly-based knowledge, or even common sense.

RossK said...

Very good point Danneau.

Hope you and yours have started making your own music again.