Tuesday, July 27, 2021

May All Her Words Be Forever Salads...


From the 'now we've heard everything' department, brought to us by the the very finest of the fine local maximum RPM post-flinger B. Kronbauer:
The campaign for political insider Mark Marissen's Vancouver mayoral bid got a little more interesting this weekend, as former B.C. premier Christy Clark (who is also Marissen's ex-wife) showed up to support him at his first in-person campaign event.

The private event was held in the West End on Saturday and included roughly 50 supporters from across the political spectrum. Former Vancouver Greens board member Fernando Garci-Crespo Santalo, and former COPE Council Committee member Paulina Schwartz were among those in attendance.

Clark says she's supporting Marissen's bid to become mayor because she believes that city hall is currently lacking someone who has the ability to "get along with other people."

“At this time in our city’s history, we need a mayor who’s really able to pull together people of different views,” she said...


All that may have you shaking your head.

But get this kicker from she who was once the Premier of Dunbar whose policies helped send Lotuslandian real estate to the moon:

...On policy, Clark says that while she and Marissen don't agree on everything, she's excited about his stated goal of "making room for the middle class" in the housing market...

Good grief.



Chuckstraight said...

I suspect the “middle class” is not the same one that many would think of.

Chump Bump Extraordinaire said...

Marissen is a hustler who's always on the make, wherever and whenever a chance presents itself. Guy's relentless, cunning, and amoral. He smells a power vacuum and the chance to fill it.

What you're ignoring is that Kennedy is a dude that's fading like an old coat of paint put on the back porch of a forgotten tear-down when BTO was still around.

Marissen is doubtlessly getting paid to make a pincer move from the right, which will split the rubes and give Kennedy a minority.

Crispy is not the story here.

String those other 3 names together and see if you don't get a better idea of what's really going down.

RossK said...

Good point Chuck--

After all, when you've got friends in high places gifting you with digs after you've helped them out most griftily, I suppose you might come to think of yourself as being in the middle of the pile.



A most intereting hypothesis.

Does this mean that a few of MM's Boys, sans the first 'B', are out back somewhere putting a fresh coat of paint on James, Not Jim's, old bus?


Terminal City Ricochet said...

Some seemingly counter-intuitive connects back in play but it all makes sense once the power and profits are factored in.

K is getting another free ride on the bus being as Geoff is throwing down for him. Meggs knows well how much a friendly, malleable mayor means to a premier and his chief when planning builds out on the Skytrain to UBC and medically-assisted opioid distribution.

For the record, the following link goes to where MM gets his tank thinking and cheque clearing done these days: https://mcmillanvantage.com

And this next guy has been thrown in just to make doubly sure Kennedy survives: "Ken Sim, an NPA candidate in the 2018 mayoral race who narrowly lost, is looking to run again in 2022 against his old party. To that end, a new civic party for Vancouver was launched Wednesday called A Better City, which aims to tackle the partisan bickering that derails important problems like housing.

MM is not officially connected to Sim or A Better City. But the two of them, plus John Coupar, will dilute the right so thin there will be nothing but Kennedy left come the morning after.

RossK said...


Thanks for link (I think).

Is the good Mr. Sim still backed by the yoga pants guy?