Sunday, July 25, 2021

Anthony Fauci Explains Why He 'Stayed'.


Back in the darkest days of the pre-vaccine pandemic world at a time when Mr. Trump and his henchmen began to actively undercut him and his recommendations, including social distancing,  I honestly couldn't understand how or why Anthony Fauci stayed on.

In fact, I even saw Fauci's staying on as a member of the Trump Whitehouse COVID task force as aiding and abetting the madness.

Recently, however, Dr. Fauci explained to the Nieman Lab why he did not resign:

"...I was not personally against him, but [against] some of the things that he said and some of the people around him. The reason I did not consider resigning: I felt that there would be a vacuum if I did. The vacuum would be of someone who would stand up and say, ‘No, wait a minute, we can’t say that. That would be misleading.’ I was afraid that if I left there would be a bit of a vacuum. I felt that the disadvantage of having to hang around a somewhat hostile atmosphere, to me, that the positive aspect of being able to do some good in that position overrode any kind of instinct of saying, ‘I’ve had enough of this. I want to quit.’..."

Clearly, from the perspective of a post-vaccine development/trial/roll-out world, Fauci did the right thing.

After all, there are certain public service endeavours where it is critical that actual grown-ups are involved throughout.


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