Friday, July 03, 2015

Canada Day's Alright For (NotUke) Cover Fighting.


When we were kids our Dad bought home three LP's with the new record player.

I'm pretty sure one of them was Arlo's post-Alice grab-bag of Hobo songs. And if I'm wrong one of my brothers will correct me.

But I know for sure that one of them was also that last S&G album with all the hits.

When we were wearing out the grooves for the first time, I was pretty certain that the brains behind the operation was the tall kinda cool looking guy in the back.

And even though I didn't believe him at first back in those pro-Googlified times, my littlest brother (who later became the real musician) set me straight.

Who knew the little guy in the front would just keep on keepin' on for pretty much ever?


This tune came out much later.

By then we were living in Vancouver (the first time) and C. was running a daycare while I went to Gradual School and developed a somewhat problematic Revello addiction.

We bought the album on cassette.

I know it made it down to Berkeley but I'm not entirely sure it made it all the way back...

Other cover tunes currently in the rotation can be found...Here.