Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Keef Report...You Keep On Using That Word.

All of which brings to mind the infamous words of Inigo Montoya about those who conflate messages and messengers and who like to misuse, well, you know...


Previous Keef Reports can be found...Here.



Lew said...

That tweet not only removed all doubt about which team Keef supports, but also confirms he’s an active player on the team. Very bad move for a “journalist” trying to maintain the fa├žade of credible objectivity. Not that his employer cares, of course.

Anonymous said...


"Unicorn tear mist", the new LNG?

Christy, please tell us more about LNG and the other fossil fuel industries you promote zealously while you now acknowledge the fact climate change is real.

21 minutes ago

She is a BCer, did you not know their fossil fuels are different than the rest of the planet? When you burn them you get unicorn tear mist instead of CO2. Widely known scientific fact, it was peer reviewed by leading climatologist, Bill and Ted.
Excellent dude.

Don't you worry, she has a tax that can magically cool the planet and put us back into an ice age.

Anonymous said...

I hope the shit hits the fan one day and the keef gets a little on him,that would be fun to watch

Anonymous said...

No comment on what was said or how true it was. Just pitbull attack.
If you have no facts, just attack. How sad. But really, has he been a journalist for yaers. NO.

G West said...

The only thing I'd say to Baldry is that he's pretty much a expert in hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

It appears that the esteemed Mr. Baldry is a very unhappy man.
When he appears on Global each evening, he wears an upside down smile.
It is as though he has just lost a relative, or he is extremely hungry or something.
Regardless of what afflicts him, it appears to be a constant malady.

Gary L.

motorcycleguy said...

ya know....not everyone who fears for the future of our province is necessarily a died-in-the-wool NDP'er.....nor everyone who reads this blog....but one thing for sure is that commenters here and on blogs like Norm's recognize common sense when they hear it....I keep challenging Baldrey et al to re-iterate these tweets in the company of Ross K or Norm or any of their readership....on YouTube...for widespread see just who schools who.....this is far from a left, right, up or down is an integrity is a "looking out for the common good" is looking ahead to future is recognition of what a great place we have here to protect....just what drives our "professional journalists" to abandon their own CAJ Principles for Ethical Journalism" ?.....what are we to assume?

motorcycleguy said...

if I may add.....that yearning for common sense, the ability to hold an audience and passion for our Province did draw me towards Horgan....and virtually ruled out anyone actively promoting the BC Liberals...they are not a political party but a cabal of business associates seeking short term gain afforded them by way of bamboozling compliant taxpayers rather than making a honest living adding value to goods....or for that matter....bamboozling compliant journalists

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

should this be checked
only 2013 shows 11 million dollar BC taxpayer paid awards
the same year as BC election

Anonymous said...

chuckstraight said...

Baldry does know hypocrisy pretty well.

Anonymous said...

What 'motorcycle guy' said at 9:43 p.m. July 22nd!