Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Health Care Worker Firing (ctd)...The Irony.


Cindy Harnett's VTC piece on whistleblower Alana James, which was published yesterday, is interesting for at least two reasons:

...(Former health information officer Alana) James has said her complaints involved assistant or associate deputy ministers, not most of the researchers who were fired, whom she calls scapegoats. “I would suggest they examine the process of concerns I brought to the government from 2010 forward,” said James in an email. “I would agree to come to Canada to be interviewed as part of a real investigation, but not if ... it is yet another exercise in theatrics.”...


...James began raising her concerns in December 2010. In 2012, she named individuals as part of her complaint to then auditor general John Doyle, to whom she is now married.

He brought the allegations to the Health Ministry, kicking off an investigation. “Very ironically, the ministry, not realizing that the communication had originated with me, called me into a meeting, said ‘Look what someone sent the office of the auditor general — make this go away,’ which I took to mean, give us something that we can tell the office of the auditor general to make them believe everything is fine,” she said...


As came up previously, unfortunately talk is just that.


What we, the public, need to see are the documentary evidence and Ms. James told the VSun's Rob Shaw she has in her possession.




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It is well worth reading both judgements (linked from the CBC story

A Kafkaesque nightmare for the mom with terrible impacts for the four children she was trying to protect. Thank goodness for her unwavering determination, her great lawyer and a very, very competent judge.

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scotty on denman said...

Repetition can not overstate the importance of Ms James' testimony---that is, to the extent that she has some of pertinence to this health-worker tragedy. She's already crossed a line with her statement so far, but her stated willingness to be interviewed is encouraging. Surely she'll need to protect herself from powerful people in the BC Liberal government who may stand to be indicted by way, or in some part, by any revelations she may have.

John Horgan can only do so much in the face of BC Liberal stonewalling during this rare, short, summer sitting of the Assembly, limited as the opportunities are to hammer the issue into either conformity with parliamentary rules of procedure (which Horgan is sure not to miss) or the minimal and distorted coverage by an extremely biased MSM. The BC Liberals will stonewall all the way to the next election if they can get away with it.

I can only pray that the necessary verification and corroboration processes are underway so Ms James' testimony can be brought to light. It's understatement, to say the least, that many legal questions are involved, so I'm hoping these matters are being addressed as we wait for follow up.

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Christie Clarks crisis of credibility?

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Thanks for the heads up otr--

Have been in and out of cigar tubes and science geek bunkers all week, so I got a little behind...Am on it now.



I'm not sure the Clarkandians even think they have to stonewall...I figure they have decided they just need to keep the inquiry out of public view such that they can then just say white is black and 2+2 is five when the 'report' comes out.




What crisis?

After all, we are all Nevada (and ALL that entails) now!

Which, of course, has me wondering if there will be an announcement for an even bigger subsidy for Paragon on Monday...