Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Will The Real Taylor Swift Please Stand-Up.


Last night the two E's called their Grandma across the Salish Sea to thank her for a gift received and to see how she was doing.

And just before Bigger E. handed me the phone, they got to talking about how Taylor Swift is/is not like Joni Mitchell.

E. was very diplomatic and said that if Ms. Swift were to be tagged with such a comparison it would be very hard to live up to.

And then, this morning the following came across the Blog Crawl courtesy the (almost) always contrarian Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution:

Taylor Swift, Straussian?

The case TCowen makes regarding TSwift has something to do with the fact that she is taking her '1989' tour to China and, well, there are her initials which are the same as a certain square.

Crazy mixed-up world we live in if this uber-lyfted capitalist agency of mega-wardrobe/clothing line changes (inadvertently?) makes Ms. Swift a controversial change agent for something that actually matters.

Or some tapestry of justice type thing.

Ironically or not, the Guardian has a wee bit more.


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