Thursday, July 02, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...'I Would Support A Corruption Inquiry'.

Rob Shaw of The VSun talks to Alana James...

In Australia:

The whistleblower whose concerns led to the investigation and firing of government health researchers is speaking publicly for the first time, and says B.C. should hold a full public inquiry into alleged corruption.

Alana James, who worked as a senior health information advisor in the Ministry of Health during the 2012 firings, said she wants a deeper probe into allegations she first raised about conflicts of interest, contracting, privacy breaches, data handling and financial matters involving ministry health research and contracting.

“I would support a corruption inquiry,” James told The Sun in an email exchange from Australia, where she now works as a lawyer.

“I would not support a review by the Ombudsperson.”

James would be a key witness in any review. Not only was it her concerns that first prompted the ministry investigation, but she has also kept key emails and documents about the initial stages of the government’s actions...


Whatever will the Dean say?

Go read Mr. Shaw's entire piece....Ms. James, who says the fired 8 were scapegoated, talks a lot about how this 'business' is much bigger and more endemic than anything that has been speculated on so far.
Merv Adey, who is on fire over at his blog, tells us about...The foreshadowing.



e.a.f. said...

Now wouldn't it be fun if she wrote a book. I'd pay $40 to have a read of that!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sold yet that Christy will call for an inquiry. And if she does it will be just a report from a well connected Liberal. The public needs to be involved in forcing this government.

Guy in Victoria

Don F. said...

Why is it all our honest people are moving to Australia, Alana James, John Doyle.
Our loss!

Anonymous said...

Why wait for an inquiry? Why doesn't she just tell her story? Is she under some agreement to keep quiet on this affair?

There must be 1 person or a few people who know the whole story here. They should save the taxpayers a big bucket of money and just come clean with what happened.

Norm Farrell said...

I've got a different, more cynical take on Mr. Shaw's contribution:

Liberal strategy emerges to contain health scandal

RossK said...

Norm and Anon-Above--

Good points.

Perhaps if Ms. James was to share some of the saved EMails and documents she told Mr. Shaw she has...


Norm Farrell said...

Indeed, Ms. James raises accusations against numerous people, claims to have evidence but produces not a shred.

If she has material and has a right to that material, she could release it and hold the people accountable and save taxpayers big dollars.

Instead, she chooses to leave a cloud hanging over heads of many.

The Vancouver Sun is helping and that's not my view of responsible journalism.