Saturday, July 25, 2015

This Week In Clarkland...The Magical Walk With The Man In The Blue Suit.

I mean, gosh...

It was only a couple of weeks ago that our 'Say Anything' Premier was telling all and sundry who still listen to her (and/or believe LMiller and SMills tweets to be reality-based) that the early onset of the wildfire season was being caused by a temporary blip in the weather that could be beaten by playing chess.

And then, suddenly, she started singing an illogical song about how massive herds of Hindenburgs filled to bursting with GHG emissions would save us all from the climate change that is burning the province down

Or some such thing.



Given all that, how come, what with the recent wee bit of rain and all,  Ms. Clark has not yet tweeted that she and Mr. Blue Suit actually solved the entire climate change problem/non-problem during their walk in the burning bush woods the other day?


Is it possible that she's actually saving that one for her next tete-a-tete with funky ol' uncle Preston?


You know...

What's this 'Mr. Blue Suit' thing all about Alfie?....Sandy Garossino of the VObserver explains...Looks like the well-worn Rovian strate(r)gy of avoiding the big city media questions by playing the regionals for suckers is starting to backfire....I've got a theory, dubbed the 'Every Kid Everywhere Wants To Pull A Jesse Brown' that I'll get to soon.



Anonymous said...

deluxe word salad?

North Van's Grumps said...

You're slipping RossK, you missed the Government flickr gallery showing the Premier embedded in the Helicopters. How much that cost the taxpayer? Two photo ops
Fully loaded Helicopter

RossK said...



Drizzled with Sparkle Pony-infused dressing in which nothing sparkly nor ponyish was harmed in it's making (upstream, where there rendering happens that is).


North Van's Grumps said...

Psssst .... what help is Christy doing in the helicopter and the massive camera facing her it another photo operation

RossK said...


Slipping, indeed.

Is it possible that that was the 'sky-pilot' dog whistlin' part of the excursion?


Anonymous said...


North Van's Grumps said...

With the Conservatives and BC Liberal so low in the polls it wouldn't surprise us if Harper and Clark are lighting the fires, just to fulfill their Job Plans:

Canada Starts Here BC Jobs Plan

Anonymous said...


The canary-eater does a little deep tissue massage:

(and how one picture is not like the other)

...Not playing the garnish in this greasy, rovian ham sammich...this Nat Geo moment resonates with a burnt electorate:

Commenters, all, almost, don't bite.


sd said...

I had an idea for a new real life dress up doll this morning. Instead of her taking new P.O.'s just haul out pics of old P.O.'s (hard hats optional)and dress her up. Save us some money.Just one blue suit for herr H.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, been going on for some time and is going to get worse (photo ops and ads) before we finally get to VOTE. Exercise your right, before Herr Harper takes it away, and get out and VOTE and get rid of this arrogant SOB once and for all before Canada is completely destroyed by him and his corporate buddies.

krank! said...

The cartoon bubble above their heads?...."doin' a heck of a job, Brownie". Good to see the firm of Bag Likkers R Us are on the job. ARSLIKHAN is being raised to dizzying new heights in our backwater. TO THE BARRICADES!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who really controls BC Liberal party
Is BC media fauning over premier

Anonymous said...