Monday, July 06, 2015

The Keef Report...When In Doubt, Play Confuse-A-Cat.

Glad to see that the good Mr. Baldrey was able to pump his impeccable Clarklandian sources to get to the bottom of that one.




Anonymous said...

I think the Keithster is talking out of his keister...

"The Coulson Group has signed a contract with the province of B.C. for the use of Mars waterbomber, according to CEO Wayne Coulson.

"We have notified the province of our rates and we now have a contract in place and we are waiting for government to order the Mars up," said Coulson.

Or, more probably, he never read the article.

Anonymous said...

Then there's this from last summer...

"The Abbotsford company that beat the Mars bomber out of a provincial firefighting contract now has the province's former air tanker program head on its payroll.

Conair is also a big supporter of the reigning Liberal party, donating $92,750 to the B.C. Liberals since 2006. That's over 10 times the $8,450 given to the Liberals by the losing bid opponent Coulson Flying Tankers.

After years of dousing forest fires in British Columbia, the province did not renew a contract with Coulson Flying Tankers to use the Hawaii Mars water bomber this summer [2014].

Instead four smaller Fire Boss planes were chosen from Conair to provide firefighting crews with air support.

mark mounce said...

Reminds me of the time when Keef admonished the twitterverse for claiming that Laura "Miss Ontario Gas Plant Scandal" Miller had not spoken to the OPP regarding her involvement in this matter by stating that his unimpeachable BC Liberal contacts had confirmed otherwise. In actuality, it was confirmed that she had done no such thing and his BC Liberal "sources" had strung Keef along like a waterlogged pollywog.

Anonymous said...

I missed something here.

As a Member of the 5th estate, Mr. Baldrey just fulfilling his position did what, to end the confusion"?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has worked with the BC Forest Fire department know that they are a bunch of tunnel visioned, smoke addled wankers.
Conair has been sucking on the BC government tit for so long they appear to be permanently attached and any competition scares the crap out of them.
The biggest Conair tanker(Electra)holds 3600 us gallons of water and the fire boss anfib they use holds 800 us gallons. The Mars holds 7200 us gallons. One of these fire boss things would have to do 9 trips to equal 1 Mars drop. Which one is more effective?
Colson hasn't greased enough Lieberal palms or dropped enough gifts on the forest service door step.

Anonymous said...

lower speed limit to offset carbon from fires.and use less helicopters?
where in the world is the premier.?
Oh yea negative photo op?

Anonymous said...