Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Musical Isolationism....v1...Who Knew You Could Make Loving Fun When You Are Out Of It.


Out of love I mean.

Fleetwood Mac's Rumours was made in Sausalito almost 40 years ago.

A guy named Ken Caillat engineered the thing and he's written a book about it.

Here's a wee bit about the making, specifically, of the tune 'You Make Loving Fun':

..So, in those next few hours, we had made a dramatic change in the track. At one point Stevie wanted to do something, too, and, of course, what she did best was sing. We played around with some ideas, and, eventually, Stevie and Lindsey were sitting on two high stools out in the studio, each of them in front of a microphone, working on background parts, singing, “You make lovin’ fun, you make lovin’ fun . . .” 

When I stopped the tape to rewind it, Stevie suddenly looked at Lindsey and cried out, “Fuck you, asshole! You can go to hell!”
Lindsey responded with a tirade of his own. “When we get back to L.A., I’m moving out.”

“I don’t want to live with you, either!” They went back and forth, screaming and yelling at each other.

I couldn’t rewind the tape fast enough. 

When I got to the beginning of the tape, I hit RECORD. Stevie and Lindsey looked at each other. Then they turned toward their microphones and, right on cue, right in the middle of a fight, they nailed their parts!... 

I was flabbergasted...

Which is interesting and all that, particular for real fans of the band.

But what what is really fantastically interesting in the extreme is the audio snippet of an isolated vocal from Buckingham and Nicks that Mr. Caillat also includes with his E-book.

Clearly the magic was really more than just the sum of the individual parts.

That album was never a favourite of mine, but I was in my last year of highschool and all that entails (and more, musically and otherwise) when it hit big...Thus, as only music can do, even when I hear one of the album's tunes on one of the local radio stations that just keep on ruining classic rock for everybody, a little part of me is taken right back to that time and place...I'm telling you, it really is a crazy mixed-up musical world we live in.



zoombats said...

Penguin, Mystery to Me and even Kilnhouse were better

Anonymous said...

One of the best concerts I ever attended was ELO with Fleetwood Mac as the backup band. Must have been in the early to mid 70's. It was at the Forum? (next to the Pacific Coliseum)and all in the crowd were blown away by this band who most had never heard of before.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Takes me back to a Dutch disco. Summer. 1977. Right after the DJ had got the crowd to object in unison to my request for "God Save the Queen" he played whatever the summer hit was from "Rumors." A Dutch girl with tremendously hairy armpits asked me to dance. Sort of made up for the Sex Pistols getting booed. That and the fabulous Dutch lager.

motorcycleguy said...

The disco that was a real old industrial type building, couple storeys high, on a canal with a little bridge you crossed to get to the entrance? Crazy place. Only remember the arriving part, not the leaving Sex Pistols but pretty sure it was '77...maybe '78. Rumours evokes memories of a time for sure, but my vote is for Kilnhouse too.

RossK said...

I'll give a third thumbs-up for Kiln House.

But it's really from a different band I reckon.


ELO in the early 70's is something I would get into a very expensive time machine to see.

Beer and I saw the Clash in the Forum just passing their peak a 7 or 8 years later.

My rumoured 1977 experiences included neither a disco nor hairy armpits, but they did include a car and a girl...Which is maybe why I was so susceptible to that bloody Darkness album the following year.


motorcycleguy said...

yeah, agreed different band...can't remember when they changed but how about "Hypnotized" on Mystery to Me

my first ELO album was Question of Balance (still got it)...but agree about too bad never got to see them live (or maybe I did?)...I know there is more about them I am not familiar with....which leads me to start looking for that Springsteen which I am also not familiar with

not sure I would class that place in Amsterdam as a disco, but then "not sure" is a key statement...I heard rumours about me and a girl and a motorcycle around then....or.... was that around now?

I'm but a lowly listener, but "a little part of me is taken right back to that time and place...I'm telling you, it really is a crazy mixed-up musical world we live in."

bet one of our mainstream media professional "journalists" would like to chime (no pun intended) in on such general for fun music conversations given his early would be a question of balance for thinking is he does not carry enough weight to counteract the directions he has been given

RossK said...



The Dean talking music again would be fun.

Maybe he could tell us what really happened with the Pointed Sticks.


Maybe he has some inside info he has to hold back.

Just in case.