Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The Keef Report...The Carrying Of The Troll Water.


First there was the trolling:

And then there was the carrying:

Mr. Mills name ringing a bell?....Well he is currently the 'Executive Director Of Communications and Issues Management' for the BC Liberal government caucus...Earlier today we were wondering what, exactly, the Clarklandians expend their 'intellectual capital' on...Guess now we know.
Of course, all this really demonstrates is that the strate(r)gy is not to engage the public but rather to pique the curiosity of the punditry...
And in case you are really wondering...We wrote about the very fine efforts of the good Mr. Mills and his colleagues in the Premier's office awhile back...Interestingly, these particular efforts were, in the end, not found to be worthy of serious follow-up by the local pro-punditry.



North Van's Grumps said...

LegB4Wicket Communication Director for the BC Liberals spends a good deal of his time, our time, lambasting the Opposition.

A Second Brian Bonney?

Mr. Ben James says a caucus-wide note was issued after e-mails surfaced indicating some members of the Liberal caucus helped produce a Liberal Party website criticizing New Democrat Leader Adrian Dix.

B.C. Liberal caucus workers who are paid to spend their days highlighting the efforts of Liberal members of the legislature are being told to keep their noses out of Liberal Party attack ads while on government time.

Liberal caucus spokesman Ben James says caucus workers were reminded Monday their caucus duties do not include doing party work during their day jobs.

Ben James, LegB4Wicket, bc liberals

RossK said...


And, apparently, today it was Mr. James' job to pretend harangue the Opposition on the Ombudsman thing.


You know.

This is all a game to these fine folks.

Or some such thing.


e.a.f. said...

the province is burning and this B.C. lieberal idiots and their MSM friends can only make stupid cracks about whatever.

A conservation officer got suspended with pay for saving 2 bear cubs, because its cheaper to kill bear cubs than save them. with idiots like this running the province, ...........Greece looks better than we do.

Anonymous said...

Where in the world is BC premier?
Ask Carmen Sandiego
or Waldo?

e.a.f. said...

who really cares where the "air head" is. When she is here all she does is opens her mouth and out comes stupid. Best she stays away. it will only screw things up more when she is around. Of course even Mary Polak's writer couldn't make stupid look good. These people are really running out of "talent" to make them look even acceptable. Of course now with 40K signatures supporting the Conservation officer, and a British comedian with several million followers having their say, this is look oh so good for the "photoopness" of B.C.

it really would be nice if school boards stood up for their students the way the Conservation officer stood up for those in his care.

her "photoopness" most likely is off somewhere with her new best friends at PETRONAS. You do have to wonder what she is getting out of the "new deal" with them.

Wonder what her "photoopness" is going to do when the Communist Chinese stock market crashes? Hold a yoga session?

Anonymous said...