Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Anti-Keef Report...To The Hysterics Go The Spoils.


In case the Keef missed it...

The Mars Water Bomber, which is owned by a guy, it would appear, who still hasn't paid his shakedown tab with the Wizards of Clarklandia, is back on the job:

What's it all about Alfie?



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John's aghast said...

A little off-topic, unless you figure a Site C pond would make a good place to recharge a Mars water-bomber. BC Hydro has announced a job fair to be held in the Peace country on July 28 - 30 by the proponent for the $100 million North Bank Site C Preparation Contract. The proponent is Morgan Construction, aka Morgan Construction AND Environmental (love the green twist), who purport to have 50 years experience in dam construction. I have almost 60 years active experience in heavy construction and neither I or my many associates have ever heard of Morgan Construction (We have heard of Gwynn Morgan though). Can't find any info, any c.v., Nothing!
And what happens when the Courts rule against Chrispy's hair brained experiment? Big settlement ala Boss Mining?
I would like to know who owns Morgan Construction. Any ideas?

RossK said...


Let's put NVG on the case!


Anonymous said...

check caymen islands?
10 percent performance bond to get in the game?

Anonymous said...

Mars water bomber has been on the job a few days and already fires in BC have gone from 220 to 150. It's almost like they know it's coming.

Take that Keef.